NEWS from The Journal of Short Film (Part I of III, or Volume 9 is released):

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Date: Wed Oct 17 2007 - 08:07:34 PDT

NEWS from The Journal of Short Film (Part I of III, or Volume 9 is

Hi, Framework’ers. The new volume of the JSF is the fruit of various
experiments, but might not qualify as strictly “experimental” to
everyone here. But we’re certain that it—and the work of our partners
WITNESS—pushes the boundaries of documentary production and human
rights activism. So please read on and note that we’re giving half the
proceeds to WITNESS. (Part II will satisfy all the hardcore
experimentalists out there, fear not.)
All the best, ==karl
mechem at

for immediate release

The Journal of Short Film collaborates with WITNESS on Volume 9 (Fall
2007); new films come from Burma, Chechnya, the DRC, Honduras, and

Columbus, OH (October 17, 2007) The Journal of Short Film released
Volume 9 (Fall 2007) next week. Volume 9 is an especially relevant
collection of films. It is a collaboration with the international
human rights organization WITNESS and features documentary films made
in Burma, Chechnya, and other hot spots around the world where human
rights are challenged and few films are made.

WITNESS describes their purpose thusly: WITNESS uses video and online
technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations.
WITNESS empowers people to transform personal stories of abuse into
powerful tools for justice, promoting public engagement and policy
change. (

Normally, the Journal abides by no genre or theme, but we feel
WITNESS’s mission is a perfect culmination of the use of new
technologies and the need for a new, more immediate school of
documentary. We are thrilled to be working with this organization and
will be giving half of all proceeds from Volume 9 to the group.

Below are the films collected by WITNESS from around the world. At, you can read “rights alerts” and explore different ways to
get involved.

 1. Shoot on Sight (2007, 13:00) The Burmese military dictatorship’s
ongoing offensive against its own civilians in Eastern Burma. 2.
Garifunas Holding Ground (2004, 11:00) The Afro-indigenous Garifuna
people in Honduras struggle against an illegal highway that is
destroying crops, old-growth forest, and the water supply. 3. Crying
Sun (2007, excerpt: 4:00) In Chechnya’s mountains, the ongoing conflict
has forced families from their homes and is gradually destroying the
unique culture of these communities. 4. Equal Access (2006, 16:00) A
case is made by Romani activists for integrated education for Romani
children in Bulgaria. 5. Bound by Promises (2006, 17:00) Every year,
more than 25,000 workers are enslaved by landowners in rural Brazil,
mostly in the Amazon region. 6. Darfur Destroyed (2004, 6:00) Human
Rights Watch’s short film gives voice to the refugees in Sudan’s Darfur
region and calls for intervention to end the genocide. 7. Dual
Injustice (2005, 16:00) The story of one of more than 400 “feminicide”
victims in Cuidad Juarez /Chihuahua, Mexico, and her cousin who was
tortured to confess to her murder. 8. Awaiting Tomorrow (2006, 15:00)
Lacking health care and ostracized from society, youth infected with
HIV/AIDS in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are further affected
by the conflict in the region. 
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