Re: Shoot Shoot Shoot

From: Doug McLaren (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 15 2007 - 23:18:46 PDT

This will be at Cinemateque Ontario in late November, so contact Mike
Sperlinger at LUX to try and get it from them to avoid any cross-
continental shipping & taxes, if you can swing late December.
Otherwise it'll probably be sent to the UK and then you'll have to
get it from them. I don't want to speak for Mike, but I think that
would be your best bet to get it from Cinemateque Ontario.

Right now, the tour seems to be Portland to Rochester to Toronto from
now till end of November. Please please hop on. I really want to see
this stuff makes its rounds in North America. At least for us, cost
generally keeps us from picking up stuff from LUX and Lightcone, so
this package provides a rare, cost-effective means to get these works
screened over here. Adam, if no one else is screening this stuff in
LA or SF, I say go for it yourself. If you screen it, people will
come. Plus, what Mark's got curated is awesome. So you can't fail.


On Oct 15, 2007, at 6:59 PM, Adam Hyman wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> I'm interested in screening it in Los Angeles in early 2008. Maybe
> someone
> at SF Cinematheque of PFA would also be interested and we can give
> it a
> couple of California stops.
> Best,
> Adam
> On 10/15/07 3:13 PM, "Mark Webber" <email suppressed> wrote:
>> dear adam, jonathan and all
>> the 'condensed' version of "shoot shoot shoot" is still available
>> for hire
>> from LUX.
>> the two 16mm programmes are having their first north american
>> screenings
>> this fall at Portland Cinema Project (16-17 october) and Toronto
>> Cinematheque Ontario (24-25 november).
>> this package was put together late last year to support the LUX/
>> Re:Voir
>> release of a "Shoot Shoot Shoot" DVD which includes 13 single
>> screen films
>> from the London Film-Makers' Cooperative and British Avant-Garde
>> Film of the
>> 1960s & 1970s (inc. work by Malcolm Le Grice, Peter Gidal, Lis
>> Rhodes, Guy
>> Sherwin, Annabel Nicolson, John Smith, Marilyn Halford, Mike Leggett,
>> Stephen Dwoskin, Jeff Keen, William Raban, Chris Welsby and David
>> Crosswaite
>> plus a 48 page English/French booklet).
>> the DVD is available to order online from
>> the current touring programme and DVD have about half the titles
>> in common
>> but both include films that the other doesn't.
>> both are essential !
>> mark
>>> Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 13:36:20 -0700
>>> From: Adam Hyman <email suppressed>
>>> Subject: Re: Cinema Project Presents -- Shoot Shoot Shoot
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>>> It was available for touring a couple of years ago, available
>>> through Lux,
>>> I believe. I didn't know it was still available.
>>> Best,
>>> Adam
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