Museum of Modern Art [MOMA] 16mm Price Listing at Cine Texts

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 15 2007 - 19:32:02 PDT

Good evening ...

I finally did get around to making pdf's of MOMA's price
listings. There was also an Andy Warhol collection,
as well as a "Documentaries on the Arts" collection that
I was given, as well as some other added sheets. I scanned
them all and made pdf's of them. I suspect that I could
have optimized the pdf's a bit more, but I think there size
is ok. Please see:
"16mm Film Catalogs from the Museum of Modern Art [2007]"

now, if anyone has a good contact a Moma, I would possibly
be interested in building them a tool that has their
catalog and prices placed on-line, searchable and the like,
similiar to the work I've done elsewhere .. although I
haven't the time right now to do an "unofficial" version of the
catalog (yet I have the data for it) I do think its a project
worth doing. If they can put me in contact w/ them, I'd be
interested in following up.

Enjoy !


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