Re: Urban/Rural program 07 Thanks!

From: Chris Lynn (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 15 2007 - 17:00:18 PDT

Hello everyone,
I plan on posting this on the events calender later
this week, but I thought I would post here as well.
Thanks for all the submissions-it looks like this
program is going to be screened again in Jan 08 in a
huge theater. The program will also be longer-there
were a number of films that I did not include, but
will be added in Jan. Thanks again-it is a wonderful
selection of films. I can mail the program booklet to
those who want it. Thanks again.
Urban/Rural Landscapes
Curated by local filmmaker Chris Lynn
Experimental Shorts, 90 minute program

A program of captivating and challenging experimental
shorts by moving image artists from around the globe.
The films include:

Observation of a Satellite by Andrew Busti and Layne
Garrett (4 minutes). An homage to the enchanted
wanderer, Joseph Cornell.

Interstate (part one) by Cortlund and Halperin (6
minutes). A night surveillance artifact. Elephants and
zebras move in circadian rhythm while traffic flashes
across the stream in waves.

Iceland by Fabiene Gautier (4 minutes). Iceland's
landscape seems to reflect a particular internlization
of feeling. It speaks to the internal mind.

London 6 by Chris Lynn (5 minutes). A typical Sunday
near a London train station provides the backdrop to
this meditative and transformative piece.

Premonition by Dominic Angerame (10 minutes).
Influenced by the avant garde filmmakers of the
1920s-30s, this is a city symphony that is haunting,
lyrical, and serene.

Berlin Warszawa Express by Caroline Koebel (19
minutes). A disappearance becomes a departure, but
rather than attempting to reconstitute what is
lost,the filmmaker follows the clues and signs framing
the site with an anticipatory gaze.

Midden by David Dinnell (20 minutes). Shot in rural
Japan, a video that documents the rapidily
disappearing landscape near Mt.Tsukuba.

I'm Back by Robert Robertson (13 minutes). Spike
Hawkins' poems are set to film in an attempt to
capture what happens at the moment a poem is being

Screening Saturday, October 27 at 12:00 noon at the
Greenbelt Municipal Building


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