(LIFT) Call for Submissions - Cinema and Disjunction

From: ben d (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 12 2007 - 20:53:45 PDT

Call For Submissions — Cinema and Disjunction
A LIFT Commissioning Project

disjunction: the act of disjoining or condition of being disjoined; separation, disunion. The relation of the terms of a disjunctive proposition. fr dissociation.
—Webster’s Dictionary

The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is seeking submissions for Cinema and Disjunction, a film-based commissioning project taking place from Spring 2008 until presentation in Fall 2008. This project, titled after Bernard Tschumi’s “Architecture and Disjunction”, will attempt to move cinematic practices out from theater and gallery to take the city as a surface, or screen. The six commissioned works will engage memory, architecture, public space and film originated moving images to produce compelling new site-specific installations within and upon Toronto’s built environment.

Drawing inspiration from contemporary critiques of the urban form and expanded cinema predecessors this project will transform sites using everything from subtle and discreet projects to large-scale projections. We are seeking projects that go beyond the superimposition of moving images upon the built environment. We are seeking work capable of defamiliarizing and interrupting the city’s visual narratives. Commissioned projects will seek to, in Tschumi’s terms, “reinscribe the movement of bodies in space, together with the actions and events that take place within the social and political realm(s) of architecture” and cinema.

Artists and artist-teams are encouraged to submit proposals (with or without specific sites in mind). All submissions should include
• Proposal/Artist statement (maximum 500 words)
• CV(s)
• Proposed budget
• Visual support material (including documentation of 1 previous film work)

Interdisciplinary projects are welcome, however film (celluloid) must play a central role in the project. Artists (or at least one member of collaborative teams) must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants. Both emerging and established artists are encouraged to apply. The production portion allocates a maximum of $11,000 in combined cash and services to each project.

Submissions must be received by mail or in person by 6:00pm November 15, 2007. No email submissions please.

Proposals are submitted on the understanding that the projects execution is contingent on funding yet to be secured.

Questions to: Ben Donoghue – Director of Operations: email suppressed

Send applications to: LIFT, 171 East Liberty Street – Suite 301, Toronto, ON, M6K 3P6

"It is a society, and not a technique, which has made the cinema like this. It could have been historical examinations, theory, essay, memoirs. It could have been the film I am making at this moment." - Guy Debord

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