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Date: Tue Oct 09 2007 - 20:21:22 PDT

Gene, thanks, this is provocative material. It seems to me that if
radicality is located in an address to/of/for essence or being, then we can
corral William Safire as a solid radical. After all, his commitment to
roots and linguistic identity is unquestionable.

Don't lots of people trade in essence but say nothing about the status quo?

Ithaca, NY

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>The word radical is derived from the Latin radix, or root. So a radical
>approach to anything is that which addresses the root cause, or source, of
>its identity, its being. That's why it's in the interest of power to equate
>radical with extreme, but they are not the same at all. A radical
>intervention is extreme only if it is mistaken, only if the problem is not
>caused by the root source of the system's identity. In the poltical arena,
>neocons are extreme but they aren't radical. They don't transform the
>hierarchical, dominator paradigm from which the identity, or being, of
>almost all societies is derived, they reinforce it. In the realm of culture
>and the arts -- film in our case -- the violence of commodity cinema is
>extreme, Warhol and Brakhage are radical.
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> Subject: [FRAMEWORKS] seeking recommendations
> I was chatting with a friend today and we started discussing the words
>"radical" and "filmmaking" within the same sentence. Got me thinking about
>a lot of films that would, for me, fit into such a genre (for lack of a
>better word).
> My dictionary describes genre as:
> a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature,
>characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter
> Such a definition seems rather anti-radical to me, so I'd like to toss
>out a call for recommendations of films that, to members of this list,
>would be considered radical.
> I'd rather not provide examples that have crossed my mind as I'd prefer
>to receive suggestions based upon unmediated (unguided?) ideas of what
>constitutes radical filmmaking.
> If anyone has suggestions please send them along, on or off-list.
> db
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