Video showing at Not Still Art Festival, Brooklyn NY, Sat 10.13.07

From: Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 08 2007 - 21:42:29 PDT

Hi folks,

I have a piece showing as part of the Not Still
Art Festival as described below: Hope some of you
are are New York based can make it. I'll be
attending and anticipate an exciting program.

At 11:26 PM -0400 9/29/07, N O T S T I L L A R T wrote:
>You are invited to the 12th NOT STILL ART FESTIVAL!
>Abstract and non-narrative video art with music and sound design
>"The FUTURE is the present with the past removed" William Gibson
>WHEN: Saturday October 13th, 2007
>TIME: 8:00 PM
>WHERE: The Micro Museum, 123 Smith Street, Brooklyn, New York
> (F Train - Bergen St. stop)
>HOW MUCH? $10.
>--->Virtual layers of BERLIN and Montreal -
>crackling eggs and oyster shells <----
> crushed paper bags -
>ants dancing to MATING cries -
>...and Kyunghwa Lee, who just wants to know
>"what a CRAZY person's point of view makes
>Then there is the blissful, amazing ABSTRACTION -
>light painting and trips into the fourth dimension...
>(look at the website for some PIX !!!
>...and the MUSIC!
>from Boston::: Ken Field, The Immersions, Dennis
>Miller and James Bohn, who wrote a book on
>Lejaren Hiller -
>the first composer to write a piece of music using a computer -
>::::Michaela Eremiasova's powerful Eastern
>European harmonies and choral lines are featured
>in the works
>of electronic animators Stephanie Maxwell and
>Matt Costanza, both from New York State -
>:::::::Neil Thornock's sound design for Jan
>Suschitzky's "Het Huis" from the Netherlands !
>A gameboy video -
>and visual NOISE from SERBIA !
>Artistic Director, Carol Goss, invites you to
>Live Interviews at 1:00 PM -
>:::::::::THE PROGRAM:::::::::
> "Flood Water (bio)graphy" 3:17
>Tammy Renée Brackett video and music
>"Berlin Skin" 4:06
> Kim Collmer video and animation
> Petra Klusmeyer music
>"Awen" 9:30
>Matt Costanza director
>Michaela Eremiasova music composer
> "Density 1" 4:00
>Patrick Doan a.k.a. DEFASTEN video and sound
>Tim Hecker "Balkenize You" music sample, courtesy Alien8 Recordings
>Kelly Ferris choreography
>"pipilo" 2:15
>Brian Evans animation
>Time Arts music
>"Sensorium" 5:00
>Karen Aqua animation
>Ken Field music
>"Undulation" 3:47
>Harvey Goldman animation
>James Bohn music
> "The Brown Paper Bag" 1:11
>Phillip Guthrie video and animation
> "Navigating the Pearl System" 2:50
>Frank Hartnett video and sound
> "Chalazae" 5:00
>Samantha Krukowski video
>Bruce Pennycook sound
>"Crazy Woman" 4:10
>Kyunghwa Lee image and animation and sound
> "PIX"
>Justin Lincoln images
>Ben Owen sound
>"Runa's Spell" 3:30
>Stephanie Maxwell animation
>Michaela Eremiasova music composer
> "White Noise" 9:45
>Dennis Miller image, animation, music composition
>"Anthem" 9:45
>Alex Potts light painting and music
> "Seek Assistance" 3:04
>Vishal Shah director, video
>Adam Stansbie sound
> "Pixielation" 3:00
>Kyle Silfer a.k.a. SIGNAL DECAY video / music
> "Het Huis" 8:50
>Jan Suschitzky director
>Neil Thornock music from "pastorogenesic"
> "Another Kind of Blues" 5:05
>Emile "Dr. T" Tobenfeld video
>The Immersions music
> "Extagram-02" 1:46
>Tanja Vujinovic image and sound

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