Free Flatbed on NYC Craigslist

From: Bill Seery (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 08 2007 - 07:53:48 PDT

This is not mine, just passing along something I saw.

Bill Seery

<<For free is a 16mm/35mm 6-plate KEM flatbed editing table. Can edit
both 16mm and 35mm film and sound (2 tracks). Works fine. Also comes
with a foot switch and 2 trim bins, plus replacement sound modules
for 16mm. Solid as a ship.


You will need AT LEAST 2 big, burly men to move this thing, so keep
that in mind when considering this piece of machinery.
I don't make films any more and I want this thing out of here. I
would love for someone who loves traditional filmmaking to inherit this.
Serious only, please. Get in touch with any questions.
Thanks for looking.>>

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