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From: Tom B Whiteside (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Oct 07 2007 - 09:34:07 PDT

Has anyone mentioned The fifth annual Home Movie Day
was recently observed, a wonderful event that has turned into something of
a global movement. The most common thing you hear about home movies these
days is that someone has a box full of them but no projector, not even
sure what's on the reels. On HMD you take your 8mm, S8, 16mm or 9.5mm
movies in for inspection and projection, plus advice on film preservation.
Or you just go to watch other people's home movies. I hope there's one in
your town - if not, then start one next year, it's held in August. If you
could collect the reports from Home Movie Day sites, you'd have a wide
sampling of amazing home movie stories.

        - Tom Whiteside

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Re: Home Movie Aesthetics

Wow, I asked in the right place! Thanks Yoel, Patricia, Jennifer,
Chuck, Tony and Andy. I have a lot of reading to do. I am, by the way,
writing a proposal involving YouTube and want to discuss YouTube
videos in the context of home movies, folk art and outsider art.

On 10/6/07, adam <email suppressed> wrote:
> I am looking for texts (book, essay, online) that address:
> - the beginning of the home movie
> - aesthetics of the home movie
> - beginning of video and how it relates to home movies
> - home movies/videos as folk art/popular art
> I have 5 windows open to libraries but I thought I'd also post this
> here because I'm sure some of you are well read in this.
> Thanks,
> Adam
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> Adam Trowbridge

Adam Trowbridge
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