Re: Bolex 16H experts please!

From: Steven Lyle (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Oct 03 2007 - 20:30:57 PDT

Dear Sir: It is an honor to get a reply from you. You have been a filmmaker since the
  the days of Pennebaker! You are a pioneer.
  Well I thought I was getting a great lenses.
  The serial no. indicates 1967....H16 "M" model. 237913
  I got it because it has the 1:1 shaft.
  I think the spring is jammed because the start button is jammed too.
  But I think all is not lost...I can use a motor...even when the MO....0 lever
  is stuck on MO....the reels turn and the shaft turns very easily even
  when the spring is not disengaged. Why? I have no idea! Ha ha.
  Any ideas of how to unjam the MO...O lever and the "GO" front button?
  Old cameras??? NO problem...I have a *that* camera takes infinite
  patience! Especially with the smaller mags.
  Thank you Mr. Kreines! If you have any more pearls of wisdom to pass along
  please do!

Jeff Kreines <email suppressed> wrote:
  Return it if you can. Unless the lenses are worth more than the body.

What model is it -- is it a Rex or Reflex, or is it a non-reflex? If
it's a non-reflex, and one of the lenses was not a 10mm Switar, you
paid too much at $100.

Always buy cameras that you have a 5 or 10 day return privilege on to
do a real film test. I once bought a mint 8mm Bolex projector and it
had no pulldown claw! It would have cost more to return than it was
worth (bought cheaply) but you have to be careful.

$100 is a lot, but as a lesson it's not as bad as it could be.

Good luck to you.

On Oct 3, 2007, at 1:33 AM, Steven Lyle wrote:

> This is my FIRST bolex...

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