Re: Ali:Fear eats the soul

From: Victoria Wolfe (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Oct 03 2007 - 12:22:14 PDT

these are all really excellent suggestions, and I'm grateful for this
the copy of Ali:FearEatsTheSoul that I found did not have a Fassbinder
interview, or at least I didn't
see it, and I thought I watched the entire thing - so I'm going to find
it again and watch once more
(twice, three times?). I actually wrote a monologue for theater
inspired by this movie, so Fassbinder's
inspiration was definitely communicated.

Yes the restaurant scenes are all miraculous, including the yellow of
the outdoor cafe (am I
remembering correctly?) and then the deep red of the bar scenes. Their
conversations at the
kitchen table as a couple take my breath away. The actress/lead said
in her interview that the actor who
played Ali was so brilliant she was astounded by him. She mentioned
that he had goosebumps during the
scene where the 3 women examine his muscles, but he didn't move and
remained impassive
in his expression. I still remember the scenes on the staircase where
she is at work, talking with
the other women. Evidently Fassbinder did this film in a hurry because
he'd just gotten another
project greenlighted, so he wanted to move on the other one and just
finish this up. Can you imagine??
So much brilliance, and on the fly.

Thank you for the compliment to my name, Freya.

Kurasawa's "High and Low" is wonderful in a similar vein.

Sorry if my suggestions seem pedestrian in any way.

Again, I appreciate this thread, I think all the observations are
magnificent, and especially thanks to
Freya for bringing it all up. Would love to hear your experiences in
Germany. A video maker friend
also returned from there recently and is brimming, and I recommended
Ali:FearEatsTheSoul to her,
and all that before the thread started. Funny we're on this topic.

On Wednesday, October 3, 2007, at 04:58 AM, amanda christie wrote:

> its been a long time since i've replied to anything on
> list...
> i was just sorting through 2783 messages in my
> frameworks folder, and narrowed it down to 286
> messages that i want to read.... damn... i gotta
> switch to the digest version.... i just never get
> around to it.
> and this is one of them.
> i've been in amsterdam for the past 4 months and
> eating a lot of couscous.... and every single time i
> eat couscous... i think of fassbinders ali:fear eats
> the soul. literally, everytime i eat couscous, or
> hear about couscousl, or think about couscous... i
> think of different scenes from that film... even
> scenes that have nothing to do with couscous at
> all.... the two of them sitting at the table in the
> garden park, the restaurant, the dance floor, the
> hallway, the stairway....
> so needless to say, even though it's been years since
> i've seen that film, i've been thinking about it a lot
> lately.... and now i see a thread "sort of" about it
> here. bizarre.
> anyhow... freya... sounds to me like you might be in
> the mood for "in the mood for love" by wong kar
> wai..... maybe you've already seen it... but if not,
> it's a good one... and not as upsetting as our daily
> bread.
> take care,
> amanda
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