Re: Film and comic books

From: Vera Brunner-Sung (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 01 2007 - 13:22:52 PDT

Check out Sergei Eisenstein. Film Form might be a good place to start.

On Oct 1, 2007, at 11:33 AM, Chris Kennedy wrote:

> Hmm... I probably should drop this, but I want to tease it out a
> bit more.
> I was looking less for comic artist theory and more for film art
> theory
> that could be brought over into the comic world to help formulate
> aesthetic theories. Admittedly, my friend is teaching a grad level
> course
> on comic books, so she's just the "threat" you're loathe to let at
> your
> 25-cent bin, but it is mildly engaging to think about.
> It seems to me that one of the interesting things that comics and
> films
> share is the space between images, where the construction is made
> in the
> mind of the viewer. I know this is basic film theory, but anyone
> have a
> good prime text for this? Also, teasing out ideas from assembled
> films,
> like A MOVIE or Robert Breer's work would be fun.
> best,
> Chris
>> Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 08:56:38 -0700
>> From: Omar Willey <email suppressed>
>> Subject: Re: Film and comic books
>> The obvious books here would be Will Eisner's _Graphic Storytelling_
>> and _Comics and Sequential Art_, but in truth your friend is probably
>> chasing a book that doesn't exist. Comix people are not known for
>> their theorizing, or more accurately, talking about their theorizing
>> in some academic fashion. And boy, don't I wish more filmmakers were
>> like that.
>> You will find some references to your friend's subject scattered
>> about various interviews with Art Spiegelman, Alan Moore, Bill
>> Griffith, Joost Swaarte, Jean Giraud and Chris Ware, but only some of
>> these were ever collected/anthologized in books like "The New Comics"
>> or movies like "Comic Book Confidential" and Harlan Ellison's
>> "Masters of Comic Book Art." But I think you'll find that most comix
>> artists look upon film theory with disdain or blithe ignorance.
>> Comix, mercifully, haven't been completely coopted by the academic
>> world yet, and are far from sufficient on their own as thesis
>> material at posh colleges; virtually everything academically
>> published about comix refers back to comics as a mass medium or as
>> some sociological/cultural document, rather than as aesthetic
>> experience.
>> When someone finally publishes "The Influence of Lyotard and Bataille
>> on the Work of Schuiten/Peeters," I believe I will vomit.
>> Omar Willey
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