Re: Chris Marker: The train rolls on

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 29 2007 - 04:31:24 PDT

> > Anyway getting to the point, it made me wonder
> > somewhat about Chris Marker. The film seems in
> places
> > somewhat critical of the soviet reigeme, however I
> > understand that Chris used to be a Marxist
> filmaker at
> > one point?
> marxism
> soviet
> not same thing

Well yes, I obviously understand that although my
understanding of the detailed differences between
Marxism, socialism, communism, soviet, Maoism,
Stalinism could all be better. :(

I guess I was suprised at the way that although he
seems really supportive of the ideas in the film train
section, he pre-faces them with some criticism of the
soviet union which seemed sort of uneccesary to me. If
there was something positive happening in the u.k. I
wouldn't neccesarily feel the need to prefix it with a
criticism of the overall political system and most
political documentaries I have seen do not.

I also understand that Chris Marker became
dissilusioned with making Marxist films, and I'm
wondering what is known about that?
> > I've not seen any of the more marxist films and
> I'm
> > now wondering what kind of films he made and what
> made
> > him step away from it?
> - marxism
> soviet
> not same thing (again) -

Yes that was what I meant. That I havn't seen any of
his more Marxist films still, as this isn't one of
them. I've only heard that he made such films and I'm
now wondering if they were a similar style to this
later film and if it's known what changed things for

> aspects of the cuban "regime" work
> and would work better if they were not closed out of
> the worlds 'capital'
> the largest export of cuba is doctors
> they actually have an interest in educating the
> people

I almost mentioned the continuing "communist" regimes
but it seemed silly as there are obviously continuing
capitalist "regimes" too of a sort and it's too much
of an aside to what I was saying.

> nothing is an absolute - perfect

None of the systems seem anywhere near perfect. I
believe that there would need to be significant
evolution in the actual societys of the world before
more advanced political systems can develop. I believe
this can only come about through solidarity and
co-operation amongst the people. Anyway we have
drifted really far from what I was talking about,
which was Chris Markers films!

> naomi klein 'shock doctrine' is an advocate of
> multiple economic
> models to be utilized by governments which actually
> reflects our own
> supposed purely capitalist - open market 'regime' -
> we are not at all
> a complete 'open market' based economy that is total
> propaganda -
> just used as a straw man argument base

Thats a really intresting idea! Multiple political
models witin the same block and free movement between
them It would be intresting, tho I epect they would
come to blows. It appeals to my love of diversity
however and it would give the opportunity for new
models to evolve, instead of ending up in the
situation the world seems to be facing right now
where people are highly dissilusioned with many of the
political models.

I must learn more about this sometime. I know nothing
at all of Naomi Klein, so thankyou.



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