Re: syncing 2 16mm projectors

From: Michael Wechsler (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 16:57:11 PDT

You should be able to put the two video streams together side by side
into one quicktime movie and then just let quicktime play it back.
You may not be able to go fullscreen without it constricting itself
to one screen, but if you pull the window out to cover both screens,
you should be able to cover most of both of the screens with video.
What is not video should be pretty easy to mask out with something
like black wrap or even some cardboard (though be careful if it's a
really hot projector). I'm also guessing that some software made
specifically for live video mixing might be able to do the two-
screens-two-videos thing, but short of that or Max/MSP or something
that is on the verge of getting really technical, nothing comes to mind.

Hope this helps!

On Sep 28, 2007, at 6:51 PM, Klaus W. Eisenlohr wrote:

> Hallo Austin/ Mike
> thanks for the recommendations.
> What I found so far is a multple moitor card for laptops (still
> talking MAC) called VTBook.
> index.html This seems to support upto 3 external monitors on a
> powerbook. And it also seems to be okay in pricing.
> What I did not find is a player that would support presentation
> mode on multiple screens. On a search I steped on MPlayer, but I
> could not figure out if that would do the job, it was not clear
> from the descritption, and it is rather difficult to install. As
> far as I understand, you need to download components and to build
> MPlayer yourself (I will try it, but it needs some more reading on
> my side on how to use the terminal, it is a long time I used it).
> Does anybody know if MPlayer does multple full screen
> presentations? Is there any other MAC player that does it?
> At the moment it looks like this would be the most fisible
> possibility, the Dave Jones Design is out of question as it works
> only with the professional Pioneer DVD player Dvd Pioneer V7300d in
> Europe, which is outrages in price. And I do not have a programmer
> who would configure MAX/msp for me.
> Thank you very much for the help.
> Klaus
>> synching multiple channels of video can be done...
>> -with multiple video cards and multiple screens/projectors. in fcp
>> you can make a project file with a custom aspect ratio of 2160 x
>> 480 (for 3 720x480 videos), then put 3 videos in that file and
>> export as one movie. when you play/loop the movie each screen/
>> projector can display 1/3rd of the 2160x480 screen... and
>> depending on how long your cables are, you can spread out the
>> screens/projectors all over the place, all playing from one
>> (powerful) computer.
>> -austin
>> On 9/27/07 1:53 PM, "Michael Wechsler" <email suppressed> wrote:
>> Though I have not used it much, I seem to remember reading
>> something a few months back about how Abelton Live could be used
>> in conjunction with another program to trigger video loops.
>> Anyone on this board using Live to do any video mixing?
>> The cheapest way to get multiple video outputs from a computer is
>> just to put multiple video cards in it. Find a cheap PC perhaps
>> and stick some video cards in it or find a bunch of cheap video
>> cards for a Mac or Linux tower and have one video running on each
>> screen. With one video output, as from a laptop, could you
>> possibly have both videos on the screen side by side and simply
>> mask out one on each projector? That is most likely the cheapest
>> way to do things. In all of those solutions you just have to be
>> sure your computer can handle playing back so much full screen video.
>> Hope this helps!
>> Mike
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