Re: syncing 2 16mm projectors

From: austin willis (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 27 2007 - 16:25:53 PDT

synching multiple channels of video can be done...

-with multiple video cards and multiple screens/projectors. in fcp you can
make a project file with a custom aspect ratio of 2160 x 480 (for 3 720x480
videos), then put 3 videos in that file and export as one movie. when you
play/loop the movie each screen/projector can display 1/3rd of the 2160x480
screen... and depending on how long your cables are, you can spread out the
screens/projectors all over the place, all playing from one (powerful)

-with custom hardware from Dave Jones Design (ive used these, and they work
great). they make boxes that sych pioneer dvd players exactly to the frame,
anywhere from 2 players to 64 players (thats the most theyve had documented
anyway). these boxes require you to format your dvds a certain way, nothing
difficult, but theres some reading that has to be done to make sure all your
movies are in order and have correct chapter markers, etc. these boxes are
expensive, but very reliable (as are the pioneer dvd players) and loop
perfectly. google Œdave jones design¹ and their page will come up

-with custom MAX/msp or PD (Œpure data¹, the open-source version of MAX/msp)
programs. ive done this once, but needed help from a programmer... and
access to multiple computers. this software is great for just about any kind
of video/sound/media installation imaginable, but requires a good chunk of
programming knowledge and familiarity with working across networks of
computers. basically, however many channels of video youd like to synch, you
need that many computers to act as players... then one more (master)
computer to control all the other (slave) player-computers. these software
platforms were designed by miller puckett, who is a wild
musician/mathematician/artists who teaches at UCSD.

those are the only reliable ways i know how to actually synch Œmultiple¹
video signals with any kind of integrity (aka, not just asking my friends to
Œpress play¹ on the count of 3). hope that helps

i have no idea how to synch 16mm projectors... i feel like thats hard, on


On 9/27/07 1:53 PM, "Michael Wechsler" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Though I have not used it much, I seem to remember reading something a few
> months back about how Abelton Live could be used in conjunction with another
> program to trigger video loops.  Anyone on this board using Live to do any
> video mixing?
> The cheapest way to get multiple video outputs from a computer is just to put
> multiple video cards in it.  Find a cheap PC perhaps and stick some video
> cards in it or find a bunch of cheap video cards for a Mac or Linux tower and
> have one video running on each screen.  With one video output, as from a
> laptop, could you possibly have both videos on the screen side by side and
> simply mask out one on each projector?  That is most likely the cheapest way
> to do things.  In all of those solutions you just have to be sure your
> computer can handle playing back so much full screen video.
> Hope this helps!
> Mike
> On Sep 27, 2007, at 1:21 PM, Sam Wells wrote:
>>> However, I did not find a way how to have two, or more (I am aiming for
>>> three) movies run from one computer.
>> I had an URL bookmarked for a Mac application that I think might do it,  but
>> I'll be damned if I can find it. (My bookmarks got wiped out on this
>> machine); it was a multi-source audio app I had read about on one of (now
>> rare) foray's onto the Daw-Mac list but had Quicktime video support in an
>> expanded version.
>> I'll keep looking. Google and Versiontracker aren't coming up with it.
>> I don't see why it shouldn't be possible in theory, you can certainly have
>> two Quicktime video streams from one computer - or more - subject to the
>> obvious limitations  (but I don't know that you could run multiple instances
>> of Quicktime Simple Video Out utility so I'm not sure what you would do
>> there)
>> -Sam
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