Re: syncing 2 16mm projectors

From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Sep 26 2007 - 18:48:14 PDT

That's because of the common start problem. Any variable at all in starting
time can magnify itself over the long run. But that much drift in 20 minutes
is way too much. All digital devices run on precise clock strokes. That's how
they work. Differences may result from wiring or resistance problems,
cumbersome design, bad connections, power supply differences, all of which can
accumulate over time.

Did you ever actually try this ?
I did, for two projections during a dance-piece, and two dvd-players
of the same brand, same type, will typically give you about 5 to 10%
difference, say about two minutes out of sync after half an hour.
I've never met somebody who could explain to me why this happens, but
it is reality.

I like you idea of 'necessity' though.....


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