Re: Media City 2008 / Festival Rules

From: Mark Webber (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 23 2007 - 04:48:51 PDT

i don't know if dominic's compliment was pointed in my direction, but i'll
graciously accept it, with thanks (!), and not worry how the sentence may
have progressed beyond the ensuing ...

the london film festival does have a two year limitation on entries. i'm
afraid i actually do not know why this was instituted, though i am thankful,
when looking through all the entries each year, that there is some (albeit
arbitrary) limit to the sheer numbers of works i have to watch.

a rule that causes more personal distress is the "uk premiere" - i would
much rather have the freedom to present a selection of work regardless of
whether or not it has been shown in another venue or city, where it was
perhaps only seem by a handful of people. i also think that it is unfair to
force the makers to choose between different screenings and have to miss out
on other invitations. i think the concept of the premiere is completely
irrelevant to this kind of work (and i imagine audiences would feel the

there is thankfully no entry fee for the london film festival, but on the
other hand, there is policy of not playing a screening fee. the festival is
non-competitive. outside of the two-year rule for new work, we also show
recent preservations. the two-year limit is occasionally disregarded if we
are featuring a guest filmmaker with a solo show.

with respect, i think dominic's arguments are slightly overstated ...
festivals are not the be all and end all - there are plenty of other
screening opportunities in most countries, and the perceived glory of being
"anointed" by the "major international institution" is short lived. any
programmer or curator worth their salt will consider any outstanding work
regardless, and if arbitrary rules preclude screening in one context, will
find another.

all that said, i am very happy to have the opportunity to be able to present
programmes within the LFF. they are seen by larger than average audiences
that often do not appear to be made up of the usual suspects (not preaching
to the converted), but are nonetheless focused and open.


> Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 20:25:46 -0700
> From: DOMINIC ANGERAME <email suppressed>
> Subject: Re: Media City 2008
> Hi Jason....Many International Film Festivals have
> very impressive experimental film categories,
> especially in Europe, and here in is costly
> here in the States, however Europe is generally
> free....Oberhausen has the same two year limitations,
> and I also believe that Osnabruck does too....and Mark
> Webber could correct me, I believe the London Film
> Festival also has the same requirement...their
> experimental section is superbly curated....

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