Screening Sept 15 East Coast Aliens

From: Marianna Ellenberg (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Sep 11 2007 - 21:08:05 PDT

Hey yall,

I wanted to let you know about a fun show saturday at "East Coast Aliens" in Greenpoint..

All Best,


New Vision Cinema Series
Sunday, September 16, 2007.

Continuing in the tradition of the Invisible Film Series, the New
Vision Cinema Series presents a broad range of film and videos from an
equally-diverse selection of cineastes. Founded in 2000 by Jennifer
MacMillan as the Invisible Film Series, the New Vision Cinema Series
has endeavored to showcase the talents of some of the finest local (and
sometimes, not-so- local) independent film and video talents of the
Greater New York City area. With the departure of Ms. MacMillan from
its fold (a hard act to follow), the series has been under the sole
curatorship of its former co-curator, Michael Park.

Box office opens at 8:30 PM and tickets are $6.00 a person.
Formerly these works were only viewable at the Millennium Film
Workshop and the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists’ Coalition Gallery.

1. WELCOME TO NORMAL by Marianna Ellenberg (DVD, 2007, 7 min.)
2. WAVE by Ross McLaren (DVD, 2007, 3 min.)
3. LICK IT, LIKE IT by Robert Flanagan and Suzan Al-Doghachi (DVD,
2007, 2 min.)
4. PUGSLY: A MANHATTAN DOG STORY by Dmitry Torgovitsky (VHS, 2006,
8 min.)
5. BLUEBIRD SEWANEE by Athena Soules (DVD, 2006, 2 1/2 min)
6. A GIRL AND A GOLDFISH by Kelly Sebastian (DVD, 2005, 9 min)
7. THE STROKE OF LIFE by D Devero (DVD, 2003, 16 min)
8. NAILS by William Palminteri (DVD, 2007, 5 1/2 min)
9. 407 by Ryan Claypool (DVD, 2007, 5 1/2 min)
10. INTRO by Bill Poznanski and Janene Knox (DVD, 2006, 7 min)
11. IRENE by Tim Reardon (DVD, 2007, 4 min)
12. KUMULIPO by Noe Kidder and Mark Gallay (DVD, 2003, 5 min)
13. RESIST! by Michael Park (DVD, 2005, 19 min.)
14. THRUST IN ME by Nick Zedd and Richard Kern (DVD, 1985. 8 min)
15. THE CONNECTING WORLD by Ian Dickey (DVD, 2006, 19 1/2 min)

Directions to East Coast Aliens: Take the V or E trains to the 23rd/
Court stop in Long Island City. Switch to the G train to Greenpoint
Avenue. Take a left at the top of the stairs leading out of the subway
and walk to Franklin Ave. Take a right down Franklin Avenue about
three to four blocks. East Coast Aliens is at 216 Franklin AvefrExperimental Film Discussion List <email suppressed>

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