La Jetee

From: david tetzlaff (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Sep 11 2007 - 06:57:36 PDT

Jim Carlile (he strikes again!!) wrote:

>Really pretty overbearing and rather mawkish English. Perhaps more
>deft in French. I mean, come on. Some of those lines are pretty
>giggle-inducing. Considering its reputation, I was amazed at how
>awkward and bathetic it was.

Well, what kind of putz watches La Jettee in ENGLISH?

Seriously, no one I know likes the English narration, and I'm talking
about both Anglophone only folk and those who speak both languanges.
I think the English narrator lacks the gravitas necessary to pull off
the conceit. Listening to the tone of the French narrator, even
though I don't understand a word, and reading the subtitles, to me
has always been a key part of the experience of the film. Thus I was
happy to see the Criterion release as no previous video version had
the option of French with English subtitles.

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