This week [September 8 - 16, 2007] in avant garde cinema

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This week [September 8 - 16, 2007] in avant garde cinema

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"W4th Street Transfer" by Mike Celona
"Imagination" by Eric Leiser

Sand Hill Berries Film Festival (NY, NY. USA; Deadline: October 01, 2007)
Compass of Resistance International Film Festival (Bristol, England, UK; Deadline: September 26, 2007)
Signal & Noise (Vancouver, BC, Canada; Deadline: November 01, 2007)
Rhythm from Wreckage! (Portland, OR, USA; Deadline: October 10, 2007)
Boston Underground Film festival (Boston, Ma ; Deadline: December 14, 2007)
Renderyard Film and Documentary Festival (London, England; Deadline: February 15, 2008)
Black Maria Film + Video Festival (Jersey City, New Jersey, USA; Deadline: November 16, 2007)

TOFIFEST - International Film Festival (Torun, Poland; Deadline: September 30, 2007)
Visualized Film Festival (Denver; Deadline: October 01, 2007)
Synthetic Zero Loft Events (Bronx, NY, 10454; Deadline: September 15, 2007)
Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, MI, U.S.A.; Deadline: October 01, 2007)
Compass (Bristol, UK.; Deadline: September 10, 2007)
Flicker Spokane Film Festival (Spokane, WA, USA; Deadline: September 25, 2007)
Boulder International Film Festival (boulder; Deadline: September 14, 2007)
Rubric (Denver; Deadline: September 15, 2007)
Artist's Television Access (San Francisco, CA; Deadline: October 01, 2007)
Cortopotere (Bergamo - Italia; Deadline: September 10, 2007)
Sand Hill Berries Film Festival (NY, NY. USA; Deadline: October 01, 2007)
Compass of Resistance International Film Festival (Bristol, England, UK; Deadline: September 26, 2007)
Rhythm from Wreckage! (Portland, OR, USA; Deadline: October 10, 2007)

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 * Night of the Living Zedd [September 8, New York, New York]
 * Wavelengths Programme 2: Winds of Change? [September 8, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * Wavelengths Programme 3: Cross Worlds [September 8, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * Accordi @ Disaccordi Open Air Cinema Festival [September 9, Naples / Napoli, Na, Italy]
 * Truth and Reconciliation: Truth [September 9, Sausalito]
 * Wavelengths Programme 4: In the Space of Time [September 9, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * Wavelengths Programme 5: Schindler's Houses [September 9, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * Wavelengths Programme 6: Pour Vos Beaux Yeux [September 10, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * Spellbound [September 11, San Francisco, California]
 * Newfilmmakers Presents Some Alternative views About Our Worlddocs, Mocks
    & More [September 12, New York, New York]
 * Newfilmmakers Short Film Program [September 12, New York, New York]
 * Frame By Frame [September 12, San Francisco, California]
 * Tommy's Chicago: Newly Preserved Films By Tom Palazzolo 1967–1976 [September 13, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Truth and Reconciliation: Reconciliation [September 13, San Francisco, California]
 * Electromediascope [September 14, Kansas City, Missouri]
 * All Circuits On: the Birth of An Industry [September 14, New York, New York]
 * At the Margins [September 14, San Francisco, California]
 * Tie, the International Experimental Cinema Exposition - A Retrospective [September 16, Lincoln, NE]

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New York, New York: Pioneer Theater
11 PM, East 3rd Street between Avenues A and B

   MISTAKES HAPEN (Premiere) starring Shecky Beagleman, Steph Sabelli
  L.E.S. PSA starring Rev Jen, Master Lee 3 min FILTHY RICH starring Neon
  Music 3 min NO PLAGUE LIKE HOME 28 min VILE BUDDIES starring Rev Jen,
  Alison Gordy, Brenda Bergman 28 min OF LICE & MEN starring Joey Gay,
  Chuck Funk, Rev Jen, Michelle Carlos 28 min HELLBOUND HEIRESSES starring
  Rev Jen, Neal Medlyn 28 min. Commissioned by the Pioneer Theatre to
  commemorate the Howl Festival, Mistakes Hapen is a new movie by Nick
  Zedd starring Faceboy, Alison Gordy, Steph Sabelli and Shecky Beagleman.
  In addition, a mini retrospective of the best episodes of cult TV series
  Electra Elf will be screened. By day Electra-Elf is Jennifer Swallows, a
  mild-mannered reporter for Art Star Scene Magazine (A.S.S.) and Fluffer
  is Boobie, a chihuahua-clothes model, but when danger calls, the two put
  on stylish leotards and kick butt, taking down corrupt senators, sleazy
  frat-boys, satanic cults, landlords, zombie-tourists and others in each
  heart-stopping episode. A hit on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Electra
  Elf features local artstars and comedians from the Open Mike scene.
  "Utterly intoxicating. The closest thing we've got to, say, The
  Ridiculous Theatrical Co... Costumes alone scream with genius. Ditto
  special effects!" - Mark Kramer, Blacklisted Journalist Note: ALL FILMS
  Tickets for public screenings: $10.00 adults, $6.50 members. Other
  prices as listed.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Toronto International Film Festival
7:45 PM, Varsity 7

  The three films in this programme serve as potent reminders of endlessly
  renewed trespasses, of the cycles of violence, injustice, complacency
  and greed that ever entrap us. Far from didactic, this selection gathers
  lyrical, visual meditations on issues – such as racism and hegemony –
  that are too often subsumed into the showy découpages that have become
  our daily news. Avant-garde political filmmaking responds with resolve,
  conviction, innovation and, ultimately, faith to the shaky ground on
  which we toddle. The "Change" of the programme's title also refers to a
  great loss suffered by the avant-garde community, the death last year of
  Danièle Huillet, who with her partner Jean-Marie Straub was responsible
  for some of the world's greatest filmic works of art. Their final work
  is an unsigned cinétract commissioned last year in celebration of
  Roberto Rossellini's centenary. Only in their hands would a tribute to
  his Europa 51 yield an indictment against the endemic race and class
  strife plaguing modern-day France, with its forsaken banlieues. Europa
  2005, 27 Octobre is a digital-video protest leaflet commemorating the
  deaths of two teenaged boys who lost their lives fleeing the brutal hand
  of the French police. Employing the barest of means, it provides a
  sustained time and place for remembrance.Legendary underground filmmaker
  Ken Jacobs has also turned to video, creating flickering worlds out of
  nineteenth-century stereoscopic images. His Capitalism: Slavery is a
  haunting and mesmeric rondo of cotton-picking slaves; frozen in history,
  yet awakened through art.Profit motive and the whispering wind by John
  Gianvito is an astonishingly elegant and elegiac chronicle of the
  history of the progressive movement in America that is told through its
  cemeteries, plaques and monuments, its symbolic and physical landscape.
  Propelling us on this journey is a wind of change that summons and
  gathers the images that lend voice to those who have disappeared from
  cultural memory. Working in a materialist mode in the tradition of
  Straub-Huillet, Gianvito has crafted a beautiful landscape film that
  pays homage to those who fought for their beliefs, one whose underlying
  force and tensions are compelled by the perfidious acts committed by the
  current government of the United States.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Toronto International Film Festival
9:45 PM, Varsity 7

  Our place in the world can seem utterly, even devastatingly precarious.
  A sense of being at home helps to combat the rootlessness, uncertainty
  and anxieties that make up the human condition. Yet feeling at home (or
  adrift) in the world is possible anywhere – from one's backyard to far
  beyond. This collection of 16mm films highlights the remarkable
  elasticity of this universal theme. Daïchi Saïto stays close to home
  with All That Rises, a striking collaboration with violinist Malcolm
  Goldstein, with whom he shares an alleyway in Montreal. The dense and
  luminous hand-processed and printed footage combines with extemporized
  violin to form a unique tribute to the duo's neighbourhood. In Cross
  Worlds, Cécile Fontaine conflates professional and amateur travel
  footage, creating an energized criss-crossing of rigorously worked
  material. With The Acrobat, a compelling consideration of human
  aspiration, gravity and politics, Chris Kennedy combines archival
  footage and poetic text to question our footing in the world: is it ever
  permissible to stumble or fall? Echo by Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof boldly
  explores homesickness and cultural yearning through visual imagery, song
  and text. In this atypical self-portrait, the artist has created a
  photogram of her body that acts as a travelling matte through the
  countryside of her native land as she mouths an old Polish immigrant's
  song; the original recording pierces like an arrow through the distance
  of time. Like Echo, The Butterfly in Winter is a poignant personal
  document offering impressionistic glimpses of beauty. It concludes the
  trilogy Here It Is Very Nice at the Moment, begun by Ute Aurand and
  Maria Lang in 1981. A fast-moving yet serene portrait, the film depicts
  Lang at home, lovingly tending to her ninety-six-year-old mother. Every
  day is the same and every day is different, as the rituals of waking,
  washing and eating are filled with physical and emotional truth. From
  diary to love letter, we move to Enrico Mandirola's sensual Monica, a
  multilingual and border-crossing search for that same profound truth of
  existence. Muddy and mysterious, Monica comes into being just as it
  begins to slip away.


Naples / Napoli, Na, Italy: Movies Event
09:10pm, Parco del POGGIO - Viale del Poggio di Capodimonte

  The Open-air Film Festival, held yearly for at least two months,
  showcases the best of European and International Cinema. This Outdoor
  Film Festival counts this year its eighth, will take place from June
  29th until September 9th 2007, and with the attendance of over 30,000
  viewers screens features, documentaries, shorts, pocket movies and music
  videos. The projections start at 9.10 pm and last until full night; open
  air screenings rise in Arena * Parco del POGGIO * (HILL Park), the
  fabulous and picturesque site near the Capodimonte Area in Naples /
  Napoli NA Italy. It's a special delight in order to enjoy cinema beneath
  the stars on warm summer nights in an amphiteatre equipped with one of
  the widest projection screens in Italy, which rises up having an
  artificial lake all around. These events really make people revive the
  movies each night of the Festival! The admittance price is very cheap:
  Euro 3.50 per day. Details of films shown as part of the screening
  programs will be released and available for this Open-air Film Festival
  at the end of June 2007 on the official website.

Sausalito: San Francisco Cinematheque
3:00pm, Headlands Center for the Arts, 944 Fort Barry

  2005 Headlands alumnus Jeanne C. Finley and partner John Muse's Lost
  (with John Muse) combines an excerpt from the audio diary of an Army
  Chaplain serving in Iraq, who must reconcile his soldiers' justifiable
  shooting of an Iraqi man with the dismal reality that the dead man's
  widow and children now face, with a serene and foggy landscape symbolic
  of its narrator's clouded perspective. 2007 Headlands Artist in
  Residence Magnus Bärtås' series of short documentaries, Who is...?
  reenact their subjects' eclectic biographies in large and small detail,
  their histories translated from memory by the filmmaker from
  conversations many years earlier. 2004 Headlands alumnus Ramin Bahrani's
  2005 feature Man Push Cart tells the story of a Pakistani coffee-cart
  vendor in New York City, played by an actor whose own biography overlaps
  substantially with the fictional narrative. (Anuradha Vikram, Headlands
  Center for the Arts)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Toronto International Film Festival
7:15 PM, Varsity 7

  In this "space of time," works of pure cinema draw inspiration from life
  – from art, objects, nature and emotions. Leading British avant-garde
  filmmaker Nicky Hamlyn is known for evoking the beauty in the everyday.
  His Quartet comprises four variations on the same twenty shots of a
  room, all beautiful "still lives." In the first two sections of the
  film, each shot contains an element of the subsequent shot, forming a
  necklace of images. These are strung together through a studied and
  sensual accumulation of time and space, both on the screen and in the
  imaginary. Thereafter, a release from structure compels us from
  contemplation toward memory and recreation. As a filmmaker, painter and
  expert in textile art, Hannes Schüpbach is intimately attentive to the
  ineffable yet physical act of creation. His Erzählung is a graceful
  portrait of Cesare Ferronato, an eighty-year-old Italian sculptor living
  and working in Zurich. Filmed in Zurich and Montelicciano, Italy, in
  2006, Erzählung displays Schüpbach's signature style – subtlety,
  layering, silence, cadence, photographic beauty – as it observes a life
  devoted to the artistic process. With Schüpbach as sensitive witness,
  the work harbours an inspiring meeting of two artists, and just as wax
  and stone are sculpted, so too is time. Quotidian moments of shared joy
  and companionship hold the potential for greatness. Punctuated with an
  effective use of black frames, this silent film bespeaks a mystery that
  hovers within and between the images, between the sculptor and those
  with whom he shares his life, and between film and sculpture as artistic
  forms. As works in both media come to completion, a triumphant sense of
  human endeavour lingers beyond this tale. The programme draws to a close
  with gone by Karø Goldt, who describes the work as "a farewell film."
  Using experimental photographic prints as her source material, the
  artist extracts the essence of things, mining their unique colours and
  their ephemeral impressions. The billowing softness of gone is created
  through animating a photograph of an arum flower and, together with a
  wistful musical score, the video stages a beautiful evanescence. The end
  approaches, but memory promises to endure.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Toronto International Film Festival
9:45 PM, Varsity 1

  In Thailand, a Royal Anthem honouring the King is played before all film
  screenings and is therefore an integral part of the experience of going
  to the cinema. With characteristic joy and narrative experimentation,
  Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand's brightest cinematic export,
  fashions his own pre-film anthem: a five-minute feel-good, ritualistic
  blessing meant to ensure the main attraction's success. Lighthearted yet
  precisely constructed, The Anthem is a delightfully offbeat celebration
  of cinema for its collective experience as much as its temporal movement
  in space, or in other words, for its external as well as internal
  architecture. The latest feature film by Heinz Emigholz, Schindler's
  Houses is the twelfth work in this leading German avant-garde
  filmmaker's ongoing and critically lauded Photography and Beyond series.
  Begun in 1984, this singular series, which will ultimately amount to
  twenty-five films on art and design, has garnered Emigholz a solid place
  among the world's greatest aesthetes. Emigholz employs the tools of
  filmmaking to meditate on the physical beauty of man-made works of art,
  namely buildings. Employing a taxonomic approach to an architectural
  body of work – "architecture as autobiography," as Emigholz calls it –
  Schindler's Houses presents us with just that: forty houses built in and
  around Los Angeles by Austro-American architect Rudolf M. Schindler
  between 1931 and 1952. Following an esteemed (and precarious) tutelage
  with Frank Lloyd Wright, Schindler went on to become one of the key
  figures in twentieth-century Modernist American architecture, using
  California as his muse and developing a personal artistic vocabulary
  which embraced heterogeneity. Introducing each Schindler dwelling with a
  title card and the date on which it was filmed (all in May 2006), the
  film embodies structural precision. Emigholz's camera is as resolutely
  still as his eye is exacting, serving up one gorgeous image after the
  next. The sound is rich with life, even in its silences. As Schindler's
  buildings are presented in their current states, an underlying theme of
  urban decay lends a prescient tone to the film, making it one of the
  most contemporary and compelling portraits of Los Angeles yet seen.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Toronto International Film Festival
9:30 PM, Art Gallery of Ontario's Jackman Hall, 317 Dundas Street West

  The title of Henri Storck's rarely seen Surrealist tale Pour vos beaux
  yeux – recently rediscovered and restored by La Cinémathèque française –
  sets the agenda for this programme of (un)earthly delights. The works
  gathered here rely on chance and experimentation to come into being,
  taunting normal viewing experiences and blurring reality – playfully,
  exquisitely and daringly. Before working alongside Joris Ivens and
  becoming one of the world's pre-eminent documentarians, Storck dabbled
  in Surrealism with many of his European avant-garde confreres of the
  twenties and thirties. His 1929 Pour vos beaux yeux (made in
  collaboration with painter Félix Labisse) tells the tale of a young
  dandy who tries to send a glass eye through the mail, to no avail.
  Optical fascination is also the theme of Pip Chodorov's op
  art-influenced Faux Mouvements, whose spirals recall Marcel Duchamp's
  Anemic Cinema and refer to the ubiquitous shape of film reels endlessly
  unspooling. The film's trippy sensations, created by simultaneous
  forward and backward motion, remind us of cinema's inherent propensity
  for the magic of illusion. The powers of alchemy flaunt their allure in
  Chris Kennedy's Tape Film. Cycling through five different film stocks
  and a variety of processing methods, this portrait of the artist at play
  tremors between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space. In John
  Price's otherworldly ecp 2D: sun, a home-movie snippet is transformed
  into a bold colour frieze. Shot with a hand-wound twenties 35mm camera
  and processed by hand, the resulting footage yields colour from another
  realm. Charlotte Pryce's Discoveries on the Forest Floor 1-3, three
  miniatures composed of heliographic plant studies both observed and
  imagined, evokes the fairytale enchantment of the forest. Like
  marginalia come to life, the illuminated plants exist somewhere between
  reality and our imagination. Papillon by Olivier Fouchard is a whimsical
  pop art resurrection of two-dimensional images – butterflies, letters
  and other shapes – that are embroidered onto film leader. The programme
  concludes with an in situ projector performance by Bruce McClure.
  Created with two modified 16mm projectors fitted with punched metal
  plate inserts, patterned film loops and guitar pedals, Evertwo
  Circumflicksrent…Page 298 is a feverish excursion into flickering light
  and intense reverberating sound – from which there may be no desire to


San Francisco, California: MadCat Film Festival
8:30pm, El Rio 3158 Mission Street

  11th Annual MadCat Film Festival presents SPELLBOUND -- Phantoms of the
  dearly departed, female contortionists, history brought to life, and
  fruit turned into preserves right before your very eyes! Spend an
  evening with the undulating specters of Kerry Laitala with her
  multi-projection performance Hocus Pocus ABRACADABRA , live poetry
  readings, the roller-coaster sensations of life in 1980s Marin County,
  live music by Amber Asylum, some circus circus, and more. Featuring THE
  MARKET (Ana Husman, Croatia, US Premiere) A stop-motion homage to
  locally grown produce and tight-knit communities. The ladies of this
  Croatian market gregariously share the art of growing the perfect piece
  of fruit and how to prepare traditional preserves. But do not dare cross
  the unspoken boundary and handle the goods—these jolly ladies mean
  business. Gracie Bucciarelli presents the World Premiere of JUST BECAUSE
  YOU CAN part of a series titled, The Public Land Portrait Series. Plus
  more so much more.


New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  Alex Harder WE HEAR SIRENS (2006, 3 minutes, video). Images from 9/11.
  &. Gary Null. GULF WAR SYNDROME - KILLING OUR OWN. 2007, 113 minutes,
  video. The US sent soldiers to Iraq - little did these soldiers know
  that their own government would inflict greater harm upon them than the
  enemy by exposing them to deadly chemicals, depleted uranium and
  radiation, all causing severe and often irreversible health problems and
  death while the government denies it all.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
8:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  Frank Craven GROUND ZERO (2006, 28 minutes, video). Was it a Reichstag
  fire? An alternative view of 9/11.

San Francisco, California: MadCat Film Festival
8:30pm, El Rio 3158 Mission Street

  11th Annual MadCat Film Festival presents FRAME BY FRAME - Animators are
  meticulous artists many of whom work one frame at a time. With such
  complete control over their medium these filmmakers are able to bring
  more perfectly to life the world's of their imagination. This program
  takes viewers through delicately painted glass, painstaking clay-mation,
  spare pencil-drawings, hand-manipulated sand, and innovative digital
  imagery for tales of imperfect love, unfulfilled dreams, righteous
  resistance, and the ironies of existence. VIOLETA (Marc Riba and Anna
  Solanas, Spain, CA Premiere) occupies a dreary blood-soaked world,
  fishing day and night in the murky waters that somehow team with fish.
  LOVESICK (Spela Cadez, Slovenia/Germany, US Premiere) is a clay-mation
  love story between a boy with leaky tear ducts and a girl whose body is
  on backwards. THE MALL ON TOP OF MY HOUSE (Aditi Chitre, India, US
  Premiere) portrays coastal Bombay, where fishing communities got buried
  under rubble to make way for progress. One fisherman who lives under the
  rubble emerges to cross the city, navigating blaring horns, monumental
  malls and signs that tell him where he can and cannot step. THE
  GAURANTEE (Jesse Epstein, US, West Coast Premiere), a documentary drawn
  before our eyes, tells of a dancer with perfect form but a jutting
  proboscis that gets in the way of his career.


Chicago, Illinois: Conversations at the Edge
6:00 pm, 164 N. State St.

  Co-presented by Chicago Filmmakers. Tom Palazzolo in person! For over
  four decades, Chicago legend and SAIC alum Tom Palazzolo ("Tommy
  Chicago") has documented the unorthodox rituals of the Windy City with
  genuine affection and wonder. From frantic deli owners to the unveiling
  of the Picasso sculpture, Palazzolo's work is suffused with mischievous
  humor and an uncanny eye for the surreal. Tonight's screening features
  seven newly preserved prints of Palazzolo's early films: LOVE IT / LEAVE
  (1967); JERRY'S (1976); AMERICA'S IN REAL TROUBLE (1967); and HE (1967).
  Prints preserved by Chicago Filmmakers with funding from the Avant-Garde
  Masters program and the National Film Preservation Foundation. (USA,
  16mm, ca 75 min)

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Cinematheque
8:00pm, Roxie Cinema, 3117 16th Street

  In the films featured tonight, fabrication and nonfiction collide, meld
  and intertwine to confront truth, reality and expression. 1999 Headlands
  alumnus Aline Mayer's S'Aline's Solution expresses with haunting
  complexity the agony and affirmation of an abortion. Roger Deutsch's
  Mario Makes a Movie is the story of a developmentally disabled man who
  learns how to use a movie camera. Deutsch's film mimics the style of
  personal documentary leaving the viewer to question, "Who really is
  Mario?" In The Stillness in the Room, current Headlands MFA Awardee,
  Vanessa Woods, evokes the poetry of death, mourning and decay in the
  visual imagery of Queen Victoria's "weeping veil" and by putting the
  celluloid itself through a process of decay. Todd Herman's Forbidden
  Acts explores the limits that social institutions attempt to impose on
  the expression of the body, sexuality and disability. Who is Bozo
  Texino? by 1999 Headlands alumnus Bill Daniel, explores the truths of
  vagabond subculture and reveals the romantic appeal of wanderlust in
  American society.


Kansas City, Missouri: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
7:00 p.m., 4525 Oak Street

  ALLEGORIES OF THE REAL. Our everyday lives, whether grounded in nature
  or technology, are inscribed as cycles of life and death within the
  natural world. Our sense of personal identity, understanding of others
  and potential for development are based on our opportunities and life
  experiences as well as observations of many things including the world
  of animals and nature, other social communities, media culture and
  fantastic journeys into imagined realities. Many of these aspects of
  reality simultaneously combine mythic drama with everyday life. The
  artists in Allegories of the Real explore ordinary and extreme cases of
  individual experiences in terms of madness, transgression and coping
  with loss. Through personal diaries, dark humor, irony and reflective
  monologues, these works affirm what it means to be human at the
  threshold of life, transformation and mortality. – Patrick Clancy.
  ARTCIRQ, Natar Ungalaaq (Nunavut), Guillaume Saladin (Canada), 2001, 51
  THEATER OF ATTRACTION, Kristine Diekman (USA), 2006, 12 min., video. THE
  PRESENT, Robert Frank (USA/ Switzerland), 1996, 24 min., video. TRUE
  STORY, Robert Frank (USA/ Switzerland), 2004, 26 min., video.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
8:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  What on earth did people do before there was TV? Tonight's sophomore
  installment of ALL CIRCUITS ON attempts to answer this burning question
  with a panoramic presentation of videos, performances and fun-filled
  facts. . Engineer/Filmmaker/Philosopher Park Doing will be on hand to
  tell us the true story of early TV; how it was created, contested and
  co-opted. You may not know that in 1928 the first live drama broadcast,
  a three-camera production called THE QUEEN'S MESSENGER, was received on
  a General Electric Octagon set in Schenectady, New York. In 1931, the
  Radio Corporation of America (RCA) broadcast experimental signals from
  the Empire State Building, featuring a familiar cartoon character, Felix
  the Cat. Prof. Doing, whose forthcoming book from the MIT Press is
  titled VELVET REVOLUTION AT THE SYNCHROTRON, will shine a light on the
  story behind and technology involved in these nascent broadcasts. He
  will even have some of it on hand for a show-and-tell demonstration. You
  haven't seen anything till you've witnessed a functioning Mechanical TV,
  or the films that Doing has made with this odd and wonderful device.
  This talk will be presented alongside a staged re-telling of TV's
  origins by TVTV and, well, one of the best uses of the medium thus far,
  THE GONG SHOW. ALL CIRCUITS ON is a new Anthology series produced in
  close collaboration with Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), one of the
  world's leading nonprofit resources for video and media art since 1971.
  Together we are revisiting our roots, combining forces and bringing our
  archives together to increase the potential for rarely-screened works
  from the early days of video exploration (which is to say pre-1979).
  Anthology gratefully acknowledges the support of this series from the
  Experimental Television Center's Presentation Funds, which is supported
  by public funds from the Electronic Media and Film Program of the New
  York State Council on the Arts. Special thanks to Sherry Miller Hocking.
  Organized by Rebecca Cleman (EAI) & Andrew Lampert (Anthology). Works to
  be screened include: TVTV. BIRTH OF AN INDUSTRY. 1977, 18 minutes,
  video. Directed by Harold Ramis; written by Frank Cavestany, Hudson
  Marquez, Harold Ramis, Michael Shamberg, and Willie Walker. A fictional,
  at times satirical portrayal of the rise of television and the death of
  radio, rooting the story in a greater American mythology. The historic
  figures of Philo Farnsworth, Edward Armstrong, and David Sarnoff are
  reduced to archetypes in a stand-off between the little man and Big
  Media. By now, we know who wins. Tony Labat & Bruce Pollack. BRUCE AND
  TONY ON "THE GONG SHOW". 1978, 28 minutes, video. Tony Labat and his
  frequent collaborator Bruce Pollack created an appropriately absurd
  performance for their appearance on the popular American variety/talent
  show. In a line-up that includes a man singing "God Bless America"
  through his nostrils and a woman who bends herself into a pretzel, Bruce
  and Tony manage to present a performance so absurd it defies ridicule.
  See it to believe it.

San Francisco, California: MadCat Film Festival
7:30pm, Artists' Television Access 992 Valencia Street at 21st Street

  11th Annual MadCat Film Festival presents AT THE MARGINS Exiles,
  migrants, the homeless, and the oppressed move from the margins to take
  center stage in these surprisingly hopeful docs. Twelve women strip
  themselves naked on the streets of Manipur in protest. A young woman has
  been on a fast demanding justice; she is forcibly nose-fed and kept
  under arrest by the government for more than six years. Tales from the
  Margins (Kavita Joshi, India, US Premiere) explores why the women of
  Manipur, a state in northeastern India, using their bodies both as their
  last weapon and a battlefield. Niko (Lesya Kalynska, Ukraine, West Coast
  Premiere) follows a former freedom fighter with the Georgian National
  Liberation Movement who now struggles for daily survival as an illegal
  immigrant in New York City. Through sculpting and painting, he finds
  another kind of freedom in the creative process. Ãgtux (Tania Anaya,
  Brazil, US Premiere)is the Maxakali Indian word for telling stories.
  These native Brazilians have rich traditions of art and music and once
  roamed the breadth of Brazil from the mining state of Minas Gerais to
  Bahia on the northeast coast. Now reduced to merely 1,200 in number,
  they live in misery on a tiny reservation in the Valley of Mucuri. Using
  experimental documentary techniques and animation, this film restores
  the Maxakali to their former glories.


Lincoln, NE: TIE
Prog-1: 1:30PM Prog-2: 4:30 PM, Ross Media Arts Center

  Since 2000, the internationally-based TIE festival has been a leading
  champion of artists still working in the medium of film, with a
  particular focus on both new and historical avant-garde cinema. TIE
  returns to UNL with two new programs specifically selected for The Ross
  by TIE founder/director Christopher May. The exhibition features an
  eclectic range of experimental films that illuminate the continuing
  vitality and beauty of celluloid, while subtle and at times obvious
  philosophical and thematic curatorial gestures conduct the flow of the
  programs.Program 1: Pan of the Landscape (Christopher Becks, 11 min.,
  Canada, 16mm, 2005) Vom Innen; von aussen (Albert Sackl, 20 min.,
  Austria,16mm, 2006) Peng Peng (Dietmar Brehm, 7 min., Austria, 16mm,
  2006) The General Returns from One Place to Another (Michael Robinson,
  11 min., U.S., 16mm, 2006) Living (Frans Zwartjes, 15 min., Netherlands,
  16mm, 1971) Fourth Watch (9 min., Janie Geiser, U.S., 16mm, 2000) Outer
  Space (10 min., Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, 35mm,
  1999)____________________________________________Program 2: Fuses
  (Carolee Schneemann, 25 min., U.S., 16mm, 1965) Blow Job (Andy Warhol,
  35 min., U.S., 16mm, 1963) Silk (Luther Price, U.S., 16mm, 2007) Meat
  Packing House (Eduardo Darino, 17 min., Uruguay, 16mm, 1981)

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