Re: JVC HR-XVC26U region hack

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 02 2007 - 14:49:02 PDT

The best DVD hack site I have found is Click on "DVD
Hacks" in the left column. I bought a Toshiba SD3990 for $39, and found
a region-free hack there. Many DVD players will convert PAL to NTSC,
even though it won't say so in the manual. This model of Toshiba is
one. It will also play a lot of NTSC DVDs my three other players will
not play. Philips players often convert. Almost all Sonys are
unhackable, and don't convert PAL to NTSC. Oppo brand players are well
known for playing PAL, and being region free. They are high quality, at
a reasonable price.

Ken B.

Quoting 40 Frames <email suppressed>:

> Any suggestions on where to find a hack? Having no luck with google
> seaches and wading through old forums.
> Apparently, we bought the only DVD player that does not have a region hack?
> -Alain
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