anamorphic lenses

From: Charlotte Taylor (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 28 2007 - 12:41:23 PDT

Hello Frameworkers...

I am making a stereoscopic film using a bolex and I'm trying to find a
good 2x anamorphic lens... The design I'm using for my camera set-up
allows me to shoot 2 images on one frame of film (thus eliminating the
need for two camera/two projector systems), but in order to make the
image look like a normal aspect ratio, I need to compress it with an
anamorphic lens. The site I've been using suggests a Kowa 16-H 2x
lens because it can be used for projection and shooting (or so the
site says) but I don't really understand how that works and from what
I've read that lens has a 52mm rear barrel (much bigger than the bolex
lenses here at school)... So, if anyone has any suggestions for
anamorphic lenses (or even bolex lenses that that anamorphic lens
would connect to), or if anyone can point me in a direction that
further explains how one lens could be used for both a camera and
projector (I may be really showing my ignorance, but I can't figure
out how you would connect an anamoprhic lens to a projector lens)...
Right, so any help would be great...

Thank you so much!!!


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