Re: Toronto Film Festival

From: john porter (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Aug 26 2007 - 00:10:33 PDT

--- Matt Peterson <email suppressed> wrote:
> scrambling to confirm my accommodations.
> don't know yet where I'm staying... any
> (cheap) suggestions?
> Also, will the screenings be far away from each
> other? What's the best way to get around?

I think max walking distance is 30 minutes, but public
transit is good with TIFF venues at subway stations
(have exact change or buy tickets/tokens). Bicycling
is the best way, but no easy rentals here.

Most of these are near U. of T. which is also near
TIFF venues:

- Baldwin Village Inn on Baldwin St. ($85),

- ($105?, $70?), 165 Grange Ave.,

- Beverley Place, 235 Beverley St., 416-977-0077

- Days Inn (a chain), 30 Carlton St., ($80?)

- A divey hotel near bus depot for $45.


John Porter, Toronto, Canada
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