2nd Annual DVD Exchange List

From: Michael Betancourt (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 24 2007 - 12:41:43 PDT

Second Annual DVD Exchange List

Last summer I organized the first DVD exchange list that seemed to be very
popular, so I'm doing it again. If you want on, send me a mailing address as
well as a functional email. Last time the list filled up pretty fast (like 2
weeks) so sooner is better!

-- Couple of guidelines:

When someone sends you a DVD, send them one back. (or just send them out and
see what you get back)

Please don't send your address on-list as these get archived and become
fodder for spam and phishing, send them off-list and all participants will
get an email with the complete list.

I'll collect names and addresses until I have 50, then if there's enough
interest I will do a second list.

Anyone who was on last year's, send me your info again otherwise you won't
be included! :) That way I know you're interested.

If you are just an interested party, but don't necessarily have anything to
send, you can be included, I'll just make a note on the list of that.

Basically it's the same deal as last year, all over again!

Michael Betancourt
Sioux City, IA USA

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