Re: film backing robert houllahan

From: Robert Schaller (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 22 2007 - 07:55:23 PDT

The REM-jet backing comes off by squeegeeing the film between your fingers
in the dark after immersing it in a basic solution before developing.
Kodak's official solution is

20 g Borax
100g Sodium Sulfate (NOT Sulfite)
1g Sodium Hydroxide -- which can probably be left out without ill effect
in 1 liter water

use at room temperature. No scrubbing is required -- in fact, if you're
careful when you squeegee you won't even scratch the film. Run it through
your fingers twice if you have any doubts -- it is important to get it off,
as it's entirely opaque, and hard to get off later.

Borax by itself would probably work, but then you'd probably want to
increase its concentration - maybe try 100g in 1 liter of water? I don't
know whether the Sodium Sulfate has some specific effect on REM-jet backing
-- I suspect so, but have never tried not to use it. It's not expensive and
is available by mail from the Photographer's Formulary, and other places too
no doubt.

Get Kodak's official guide -- it's available as a pdf, and is the horse's
mouth, as they say... I gave a link to it here a week or so ago.

    Robert Schaller

On 8/21/07 11:45 PM, "Jim Carlile" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Usually you can remove the backing after home processing with a soft cloth
> and a little Borax solution, very dilute. It should come off easily.
> Here is an excellent reference:
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