Re: sound recordist in newfoundland

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 21 2007 - 03:55:53 PDT

> Are you sure you are not a reincarnated 19th century
> schoomarm?  You seem to thrive on chastising me.

hey flick, not to worry, i'm not only chastising you,
i've chastised a few others this week. sorry 'bout
that. it was a stressful week prepping to fly across
the ocean, and i had just found out that for the third
and fourth times in four months a film of mine was
shown FROM A DVD (that clearly says "preview only not
for exhibition") without my permission or knowledge...
i hate it when i give a dvd to a friend, and they
either send it to a festival without telling me (as
happened in march), or give it to someone else, and
then i find out after the fact that my work was
screened from a bad dvd transfer without my permission
or knowledge. argh.... so i was in a bit of a bitchy
mood. sorry flick.

in terms of lift, i'm guessing they're in a bit of
chaos right now. it's the end of the summer, and
there's been a big staff change as you know with ben
moving out there, so i'm guessing their in a bit of a
transition period. sorry to hear that they weren't
very helpful.

take care, and good luck with your shoot.
enjoy the east coast!

if you're on the east coast now, i'm going to be in
halifax teaching some workshops and presenting some
screenings of dutch films.... well, pim is presenting
the dutch films, and i'm later doing a talk on dutch
film infrastructures... but anyhow... i'm on the east
coast of canada now (and jetlagged!) but if you're on
this side of the continent, let me know and we should
have a beer.

new brunswick


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