amsterdam film co-op from 1970s ?

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Aug 18 2007 - 09:01:28 PDT

greetings all,

I'm doing some research and I found some vague
references to the existence of an "Amsterdam
Filmmakers Cooperatie" in the late 1960s early
1970s... but I can't find any specific details.

The references I found came from the "mm2:
Experimental film the Nederlands vanaf 1960" published
by deFilmbank and deBalie.

In one instance it says that the Amsterdam Filmmakers
Cooperative never got off the ground (and came before
the inception of the Electric Cinema and STOFF), and
in another instance someone actually mentions using
resources at the Amsterdam Filmmakers Co-op.

But I can't find any details on the web.

Has anyone heard of this co-op and know its history?
i.e. did it actually ever exist as a functioning
entity and if so for how long and in what capacity?

There are also references to the Nederlandse
Filmmakers Cooperatie which I'm assuming was a
different entity altogether, but perhaps not.

If anyone has any detailed information on either the
Amsterdam Filmmakers Cooperative or the Nederlandse
Filmmakers Cooperative, I would be very much


Amanda Dawn Christie

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