Re: The Hand-Processing Three-Part Question.

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 08 2007 - 23:22:51 PDT


you can use the red light for orthochromatic stocks like 7363 and 7302.

I've never developed them as reversal but it should work using C4
chemistry (that is D94-R9-CB2-re-expose-D95-F5). You'll just have to
play with the timing in the first step D94 to determine contrast.
7363 has a lot of latitude so almost everything works.

Can't help you with the Morse tank. As the film is constantly in
contact with itself in there, it all depends on how fast and how long
you turn it back and forth.


At 0:49 -0500 9/08/07, BR wrote:
>1) What are the steps for processing 7363 as reversal? What sort of
>chemistry should one use?
>2) Can 7302 be processed as reversal? Can it be processed under a red
>3) What are the rough processing times for 100' loads in the Morse
>tank? I've had some luck quadrupling my developing time (12:00 for
>7263), but that equation doesn't seem to work as well with the fixer
>(20:00 for 7363 left it all super-cloudy)...
>Thanks In Advance,
>Ben Russell

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