Re: Posting Clips Online

From: Michael Wechsler (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Aug 06 2007 - 10:30:49 PDT

I'd actually recommend staying away from YouTube as they have a
relatively low encoding quality as compared to similar flash video
sites. There are a few options to consider depending on what you
want to do with your video. If you've got your own website and want
to host the video on your server you will be able to get the best
quality because you can completely control the quality. If you do
that, I'd suggest encoding in h.264 and just embed it as a quicktime
movie in your site. H.264 gives a pretty great video quality when
compared to the amount of bandwidth the video will use.

If you don't have your own site or don't want to host the file on
your server, there are a number of websites that will host it for you
for free (or some that you can pay for if you're into that sort of
thing) and will give you much better quality than YouTube. In most
cases you can still use some code provided by the hosting site to
embed the video into your website.
I've heard some talk of Stage6 by DIvx being touted as the best
quality video host out there right now. Haven't used it myself, but
it's free and you can embed in your site. Big dimensions on the
video too. Really pretty looking.
Revver gives you good quality streaming flash video. Also embed-
able. As a bonus, they offer the video in both Flash and Quicktime
formats, so you can have a lower quality and higher quality stream.

And there's always the old faithful Google Video. http://
Even though Google owns YouTube now, they are going to continue
running their video service separately. That's good because it's
higher quality, easier to customize when you embed it in your site
and also free.

If user base of the website matters to you, then you can't beat
YouTube for that, but if you are going to be sending people links to
your website and don't really care about people stumbling on it
randomly, then steer clear.

Another note, I've heard tell that for best encoding into flash video
on any of the flash sites (Stage6 uses different technology, so I
can't vouch for that) that your video dimensions should be evenly
divisible by 16.

Hope this helps! Message me back on or off list if I can be any more

On Aug 6, 2007, at 12:46 PM, owen wrote:

> Compress at H.264 and post to . Then you can embed the
> youtube clips into your own website or blog.
> owen
> On Aug 6, 2007, at 12:11 PM, Ken Paul Rosenthal wrote:
>> I've completed a 10" highlight funding reel for my documentary in
>> process, and would like to post it in a dedicated website, or
>> somewhere online where it will showcase well, yet at a low enough
>> resolution that the images won't be appropriated. Also, would a
>> watermark be advisable, or is that being too particular?
>> I know this touches on issues of a free creative market and
>> intellectual property, etc. But I'm less interested in hashing out
>> those issues so much as the practical means of putting the above
>> into place.
>> So if anyone has a favored site/method, I'd appreciate your advice.
>> Thanks, Ken
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