Re: protest nyc's proposed film and photo law

From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Aug 05 2007 - 18:54:23 PDT

>>And my response was in regards to Chuck's good point about the need for
permits and >>notification. It actually happened, and it's one reason why L.A.
requires permits. People >>almost got hurt.

>>And it's a ridiculous example.

>>Waving guns in an alley is stupid, permit or no.
If they'd had permits and notification, there would not have been a problem
for them. If those students wanted to shoot a public service announcement with
 TOY guns, there's nothing wrong with that. That's what they did-- it was an
assignment for a film production class.
So now you're judging content? Even the city of L.A. would have allowed them
to do that.
Apparently none of you guys want rules of any kind regarding extended
filming in NYC. That's not gonna happen. These are all overwrought emotional
arguments, that turn nasty and irrational when you're contradicted by the evidence.
Sorry, but NY has always had filming rules.

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