Re: protest nyc's proposed film and photo law Thurs Aug 2 Union Sq

From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 03 2007 - 18:02:46 PDT

I get a kick out of people who talk about the spontaneous and guerrilla
nature of their street work in NYC-- and then scream about how they need more
than 30 minutes to do something. It's ridiculous.
And here's a little hint: "strolling" doesn't involve staying in one place
for more than 30 minutes. "Shooting" does. The analogy is inapt. And I'm
curious how stroller's rights are less important than shooters, anyway?
I am just amazed at the lack of clear thinking on this issue, and the
constant resorting to ad hominem insults and emotional arguments. I thought NY was
supposed to be smarter than this...?
Does this lack of critical insight inform the artistic work going on there?
Trust me guys, from someone who lives where the rules are strict: these
rules ain't bad at all. And if you are hoping for a complete reprieve from ANY
filming rules, get ready for a disappointment.

On 8/3/07, Doug <email suppressed) >

On 8/2/07 6:31 PM, "Jim Carlile" <email suppressed_
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> Trust me, I've set up a lot of 'guerilla' shots and it took me less than
> minutes to do so. L.A.'s rules make perfect sense, too-- without them,
> be chaos.

Please understand, we don't care what *you* do and how long it takes
you to do it. See, 30 minutes is not enough time to do some things that one
can do with more time, and that one can do without "chaos." And you know
that, don't you? I'm not sure why you're ducking this point.
If you saw that there can be filming without chaos, would it change your
mind about the new rules? Is the chaos risk crucial to your defense of the
And you haven't spoken to question of 30 minutes. Why not 5 minutes or
five hours? Oh well, as William Burroughs had his judge advise, "If you
can't be just, be arbitrary."

Here's a radical notion: shooting is more important than strolling.
You don't have to accept this to oppose the permits, but as long as we're
talking rights here, people can stroll anywhere, but that artist may only be
able to make that art right there, taking longer than 30 minutes to do it.
Maybe you think of making art as deviant and strolling as more
legitimate. That doesn't fly, especially among the people you're trying to
condescend to here.
Every use of public space robs some of their free use of it. Shooting
doesn't have to be a greater burden than chatting in groups or strolling
with baby carriages.
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