Re: Robert Nelson & Hauling Toto Big

From: Mark Toscano (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 03 2007 - 17:24:19 PDT

Hi Jason -

Hauling Toto Big is not currently in distribution, but
is available for some screenings. There's only one
screenable print, so we have to be really careful with
it. It's my long-term goal to get a new dupe negative
made from the original A/B/C/D rolls, but this is
going to be an incredibly expensive undertaking. If
anyone wants to donate to the cause, let me know!!
I'm guessing it could run $20K, probably more.

And for what it's worth, Nelson's profits from all
screenings and rentals through Canyon go back into
maintaining the films. The current goal is to get
enough $$ together to pay for a new print of The Great
Blondino to put into Canyon.

Anyhow, you can contact me at mtoscano [at] oscars
-dot- org about showing HTB.


Mark T

--- jason livingston <email suppressed>

> Hi All
> Some time back -- maybe not so long ago? -- Robert
> Nelson screened Hauling
> Toto Big. Does anyone know if he's put it in
> regular circulation, or
> perhaps how to contact him? Seeing it at Ann Arbor
> was a mind-changing
> night, and I hope to show it this fall.
> thanks
> Jason Livingston
> Ithaca, NY
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