Re: protest nyc's proposed film and photo law Thurs Aug 2 Union Sq

From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 01 2007 - 20:13:24 PDT

I don't think requiring permits is repressive. A half hour is a lot of time
to do things. On many streets, film crews would tie things up. You need to
have some kind of regulation.
NYC users don't realize that to have a crew be able to work on the street
without any kind of permit is a rare thing. I don't know of any other city that
would allow this, for ANY length of time.
In regards to L.A., the reason why they are strict has nothing to do with
disrespect towards independents or artists. The reason is simple: without
permits, every studio in town would be out there every day filming with impunity.
They'd be selling tickets to bystanders just for the privilege of watching
them, too.
I understand there are good reasons to be concerned. I think the liability
insurance is ridiculous. That's a good gripe. So is the political coverage. But
 thirty minutes to work freely anywhere you want to, without anyone hassling
you, is a good deal you aren't going to get anywhere else. And if you're all
about "spontaneity," why do you need 30 minutes?

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