Re: protest nyc's proposed film and photo law Thurs Aug 2 Union Sq

From: Melissa Parson (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 01 2007 - 15:50:22 PDT

shall i state the obvious:
some rules are needed if someone is bothering a person or filming
someone who doesn't want to be filmed etc. but
  if a filmmaker wants to film the sky or builidings or any landscape
they please for hours (not ten min.s) they should be able to
just as a painter is able to. that is the main problem of such rules

On Aug 1, 2007, at 3:15 PM, Jim Carlile wrote:

> My point is that these rules are quite a liberalization over
> previous enforcement actions. It's a great deal compared with other
> cities.
> Prior to this, NY cops could harass you anywhere just for taking a
> picture. Now they cannot-- they are constrained from doing so.
> That's the whole point of the rules.
> I think the time limits are quite reasonable-- I think the only
> issue is that the insurance requirements are onerous and without
> justification.
> Again, try pulling a tripod out anywhere else. You'll get tackled
> by people. Or try being a student filmmaker shooting on the street
> for a few minutes, with a small crew and actors. Watch what happens...
> I wish we had these new rules out here. You NY'ers are sure spoiled!!
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