Re: storing film loops

From: ben d (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 12 2007 - 18:46:04 PDT

For short loops i do just what John suggested. For longer loops I haven't
yet developed a solution so i cut frames each side of the splice and put
them on core. With larger loops you just have to cut and prep on site or
trust the gallery staff to follow instructions.


"It is a society, and not a technique, which has made the cinema like this.
It could have been historical examinations, theory, essay, memoirs. It could
have been the film I am making at this moment." -Guy Debord

>From: john porter <email suppressed>
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>Subject: Re: storing film loops
>Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 21:31:55 -0400
> > cardboard 35mm storage boxes.
> > plastic storage bins
> > garbage bags
>It's an interesting problem.
>What about just film cans w/o reels? As big as needed.
> > --- "k. a.r." <email suppressed> wrote:
> > > hi there, does anybody have good ideas on storing
> > > lots of shorter film loops
> > > without cutting the splice to put it on a reel or
> > > core?
>John Porter, Toronto, Canada
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