Re: Joyce Wieland, HAND TINTING

From: Brett Kashmere (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 12 2007 - 11:47:37 PDT

Hi Jonathan,

I was just looking at HANDTINTING yesterday at CFMDC.

I assume you're familiar with Kathy Elder's anthology,
"The Films of Joyce Wieland," published by
Cinematheque Ontario. The book contains an amazing
annotated guide to the Wieland film literature, which
is indexed by film title and author. There are
numerous entries for HANDTINTING, going back to 1968.
A quick perusal reveals that the original title for
the film was HAIKU, and that it was one of Frampton's
favourite films.

Also, Regina Cornwell writes about HANDTINTING in the
TRUE PATRIOT LOVE exhibition catalogue, published by
the National Gallery of Canada. Laura Mulvey
discusses the film in her 1979 essay "Feminism, Film
and the Avant-Garde."

Wieland talks about the Job Corps documentary in an
interview with Lauren Rabinovitz that appeared in
Afterimage 8, no. 10 (May 1981).

A couple of other essays to check out: Kristy A.
Holmes-Moss, "Negotiating the Nation: 'Expanding' the
Work of Joyce Wieland" from the Fall 2006 issue of the
Canadian Journal of Film Studies, and Lianne McLarty,
"The Experimental Films of Joyce Wieland" from the
Summer-Fall 1982 issue of Cine-Tracts.

Some of this material can also be found in Kathy's


Brett Kashmere
Syracuse NY

--- Jonathan Kahana <email suppressed> wrote:

> Frameworkers,
> Would anyone happen to know anything about the Job
> Corps film that
> Joyce Wieland used (outtakes from) to make HAND
> TINTING (1967)?
> And any leads on writing about the film other than
> Kay Armatage and
> Kass Banning's quite helpful essays would be much
> appreciated.
> Jonathan
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