This week [July 7 - 15, 2007] in avant garde cinema

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This week [July 7 - 15, 2007] in avant garde cinema

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"Zeroland" by Martin Rutley

TOFIFEST - International Film Festival (Torun, Poland; Deadline: September 30, 2007)
Studio 27 (San Francisco, CA USA; Deadline: August 01, 2007)

20thcentury (on video) (Athens, Greece; Deadline: July 27, 2007)
Coney Island Film Festival (Brooklyn, NY; Deadline: July 10, 2007)
Optica, International Festival of Video Art (Gijon, Asturias, Spain; Deadline: July 29, 2007)
2007 Melbourne Underground Film Festival (Melbourne AU; Deadline: July 24, 2007)
Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival - Curta Cinema 2007 (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil; Deadline: July 20, 2007)
Images Festival (Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Deadline: July 27, 2007)
Korean Focus at the 23rd International Short Film Festival Berlin (Berlin, Germany; Deadline: July 13, 2007)
Detroit Docs International Film Festival (Detroit, MI USA; Deadline: August 01, 2007)
Transformer Gallery (Washington DC; Deadline: July 20, 2007)
ICE Film Festival (Iowa City, IA, USA; Deadline: August 01, 2007)
Cucalorus Film Festival (Wilmington, NC USA; Deadline: July 10, 2007)
l'Alternativa2007 - Barcelona Independent Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain; Deadline: July 16, 2007)
Lucca Film Festival (Lucca; Deadline: July 30, 2007)
Around the Coyote Fall 2007 Arts Festival (Chicago, IL, USA; Deadline: July 20, 2007)
Studio 27 (San Francisco, CA USA; Deadline: August 01, 2007)

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 * The Electric Garden: Selected Works By Riccardo Iacono 1993-2006 [July 7, Florence, Italy]
 * The Queen of Sheba Meets the Atom Man [July 7, New York, New York]
 * The New Talkies: Hijacking Hollywood [July 7, San Francisco, California]
 * Barbara Hammer In Person [July 8, Los Angeles, California]
 * Senseless [July 8, New York, New York]
 * Last Refuge For the Senses Or Noise Hippies Against All War (European
    Tour) [July 8, Tarcento, Italy]
 * Special Event: Life Process - Selected videos By Riccardo Iacono
    (2000-2006) [July 10, Lucca, Italy]
 * Life Process: Selected Films and videos By Riccardo Iacono [July 10, Lucca, Italy]
 * Newfilmmakers Celebrates Bootlegs [July 11, New York, New York]
 * The Brig [July 12, New York, New York]
 * The Brig [July 13, New York, New York]
 * The Connection [July 13, New York, New York]
 * The Brig [July 14, New York, New York]
 * Paul Sharits Program [July 14, New York, New York]
 * The Connection [July 14, New York, New York]
 * Harry Smith Program [July 14, New York, New York]
 * Music By the Eyeful: Michalak, Santomieri, Hsu and Marsh [July 14, San Francisco, California]
 * The Brig [July 15, New York, New York]
 * No 12: Heaven and Earth Magic [July 15, New York, New York]
 * Flaming Creatures [July 15, New York, New York]

Events are sorted by CITY within each DATE.


Florence, Italy: Lucca Film Festival
21:00-23:00H, Forte Belvedere

  abstract hand-painted films, video performance and collage created by
  London-based artist, Riccardo Iacono, including selected titles from his
  ongoing video project CHUCKY. The programe includes: Root, 16mm,
  (1993-2003); Series A, 16mm (1994); Pour, 16mm (1994/2003); Open, 16mm
  (1994-2003); Deluxe, 16mm, (1994/2003), From Memory, 16mm (1994-2003);
  Fuzzy Lover, 16mm (2003); Letters (2000); More Light, video (2004); The
  Electric Garden (2004); Universe Energies Sustain Us, video (2001/2);
  Maggie Blinks, video (2006); Odd Socks, video (2006). Programme running
  time, approx 70mins, followed by Q&A. Organised and presented by Lucca
  Film Festival.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
4:30, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  Dir: Ron Rice. "The film describes, poetically, a way of living. The
  film is a protest which is violent, childish, and sincere - a protest
  against an industrial world based on the cycle of production and
  consumption." -Alberto Moravia, L'ESSPRESSO

San Francisco, California: kino 21
8pm, 992 Valencia Street

  Call it ventriloquism / Call it movie telling / Call it counterfeit /
  Call it shadow puppets / Call it Kuleshov Effect / Call it karaoke . . .
  whatever . . . but don't call it heckletainment. Live film narration, or
  "neo-benshi" is a format used for rescripting & reinterpreting scenes
  from feature films shown on video. Writers sync themselves to the silver
  screen and perform word surgery on the unsuspecting, clipped and muzzled
  films, as they undergo live overdubbing. Amanda Davidson torches
  "Firestarter" Rodney Koeneke reanimates "The Golem" Wayne Smith revamps
  "Darling" Stephanie Young cries out "Viva L'Amour" Jen Nellis antidotes
  "Poison" (Hitchcock Presents) Konrad Steiner disputes the "Minority
  Report" David Brazil shaves "The Man who Wasn't There"

SUNDAY, JULY 8, 2007

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas

  The master filmmaker with three of her optically-printed films, in
  conjunction with her receiving the Legacy Honors at next week's Outfest.
  Screening: Optic Nerve (1985), Endangered (1988), Sanctus (1990).

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:30, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  Dir: Ron Rice. "Consisting of a poetic stream of razor-sharp images, the
  overt content of SENSELESS portrays ecstatic travelers going to pot over
  the fantasies and pleasures of a trip to Mexico.. Highly effective
  cutting subtly interweaves the contrapuntal development of themes of
  love and hate, peace and violence, beauty and destruction." -David
  Brooks. THE FLOWER THIEF . 1960, 75 minutes, 16mm, b&w. Starring Taylor
  Mead. Preserved by Anthology Film Archives with support from the
  National Film Preservation Foundation. "In the old Hollywood movie days
  movie studios would keep a man on the set who, when all other sources of
  ideas failed (writers, directors), was called upon to 'cook up'
  something for filming. He was called The Wild Man. THE FLOWER THIEF has
  been put together in memory of all dead wild men who died unnoticed in
  the field of stunt." -R.R.

Tarcento, Italy: HYBRIDA
10:00, Centro Europeo di Arti e Comunicazioni Contemporanee "L. Ceschia" via julia 11

  Run a female artists' collective, brew your own absinthe, attend an
  anti-gentrification community board meeting, wheatpaste signs protesting
  the war(s), and then lose yourself in what may very well be the Last
  Refuge for the Senses. A new breed of noise/ post-psychedelia has sprung
  up as the only rational response to an increasingly alienating form of
  global capitalism, in an increasingly violent- and- joyless politicized
  existence – this new media responds with a Chaos of Sound and Light that
  seeks to overwhelm you but stops before you're lost, its Kind Hippie
  Heart beating out a space for you to occupy and own. From your favorite
  Rhode Island filmmakers, we've got Group Trance Rituals, Direct
  Dumpster-Dive Animation, History Seen Through the Eyes of Bats, Live
  Soundtracks, Cut-Up Eyeballs, Single Frame Collectives, Puppet Chaos,
  Analog Transcendence, and So Much More. Featuring A COLLABORATIVE
  EXPANDED CINEMA PERFORMANCE from drone musician Joseph Grimm filmmaker
  Ben Russell and featuring recorded music by Lighting Bolt, Mystery
  Brinkman, Carly Ptak (Nautical Almanac), the Shirelles vs the Suicidal
  Tendencies, Jodi Buonanno, and more! These eyes/ears represent the true
  cinema of deliverance, the theater of Psychic Hearts and Radical Love.
  FEATURING: Peace Noise, Part 1 by Joseph Grimm (10:00, performance
  w/voice, violin, sine waves, 2007), 01/06 by Mat Brinkman and Xander
  Marro (13:00, 16mm, 2006), The Great Exodus by Jo Dery (6:30, 16mm,
  2005), L'Eye by Xander Marro (2:00, 16mm, 2004), Third Annual Roggabogga
  Motion Picture by Forcefield (6:30, 16mm, 2002), Black and White Trypps
  Number Three by Ben Russell (11:30,16mm, 2007), Paranoia Trilogy Part
  One: The Chemical Bath by Xander Marro (6:00, 16mm, 2001), Scream Tone
  by Jo Dery (3:00, 16mm, 2002), Echoes of Bats and Men by Jo Dery (7:00,
  16mm, 2005), The Red and the Blue Gods by Ben Russell (8:00, 16mm, live
  sound, 2005), Peace Noise, Part Two by Joseph Grimm and Ben Russell
  (20:00, performance w/projector loops and light- sensitive synthesizer,
  2007) TRT 90:00 min

TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2007

Lucca, Italy: Vi(s)ta Nova, Lucca
21:30, Vino&Kino

  Life Process - Selected Videos by Riccardo Iacono, shown in Italy for
  the very first time, in the presence of the artist.

Lucca, Italy: Lucca Film Festival
21:30-23:00H, Vino & Kino

  abstract film, digital animation and performance video by London-based
  artist Riccardo Iacono, presented as part of an artist-in-residency
  organised by Lucca Film Festival. Titles include: Letters (2000), Fuzzy
  Lover (2003); Myeyeye (2000); Oo (2004); More Light (2004); Cold Tape
  (2000); Walk (2001); and Odd Socks (2006). The programme also includes
  Musical Chairs (2007) made by animation students at London College of
  Communication. Programme approximately 70 minutes followed by Q&A.


New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  See a bootleg of a film bootlegged at NewFilmmakers. Maybe you can buy a
  bootleg copy outside. . DOCS, MOCKS & MORE. Justine Williams TOPSY
  (2006, 8 minutes, video). Mary Daly JAZZ AFTER HOURS (2006, 8 minutes,
  video). Dan Silverstein BIG KNOWN NAMES (2007, 17 minutes, video). Jenny
  Abel ABEL RAISES CAIN (2005, 22 minutes, video). . 7:00 NEWFILMMAKERS
  SHORT FILM PROGRAM. San Mei Bong FUNNY BUNNY (2007, 1 minute, video).
  Murphy Gilson PARTIALLY TRUE TALES OF HIGH ADVENTURE! (2006, 12 minutes,
  video). Michael Lacey F (2006, 23 minutes, video). Gregorio Smith
  BOOTLEG (2007, 23 minutes, video). . 8:00 NEWFILMMAKERS FIRST FEATURE
  Minutes, Mini DV). &. Omer Reis. RAPID EYE MOVEMENT. 2004, 52 minutes,
  video. As part of our NewIsreali Filmmakers Series, we will screen RAPID
  EYE MOVEMENT, a new film about a young filmmaker who suspects his wife
  Adi is having an affair. While trying to verify his suspicions, Sofia, a
  mysterious actress, invades his life, pulling him into a whirlpool of
  UNDERDOGS. 2006, 87 minutes, mini-DV. 11 stories, 11 struggles where
  everybody wants something but life gets in the way. Set against the
  backdrop of the chaotic New York acting scene, this hilarious film
  hurtles through a wasteland of unfulfilled dreams and desires in search
  of life's small triumphant moments.


New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:00 & 9:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  Dir: Jonas Mekas. If you haven't heard, THE LIVING THEATRE is back in
  action in their new Lower East Side home with a restaging of the 1963
  classic, THE BRIG. Explosively directed by company co-founder and
  leading light Judith Malina, Kenneth H. Brown's terse exposé of
  military prisons is, sadly, still an all-too-relevant subject. Jonas
  Mekas's film of the original production is a landmark work of the New
  American Cinema that remains a provocative, aggressive exploration of
  cruelty and authority. Mekas shot the film over the course of one
  evening, and fellow filmmaker Storm De Hirsch was on hand to capture the
  event. To round out this tribute, we proudly present Shirley Clarke's
  film of another renowned LIVING THEATRE production, Jack Gelber's THE
  CONNECTION (recently preserved by the UCLA Film & Television Archive).
  Founded in 1947 as an imaginative alternative to the commercial theater
  by Judith Malina, the German-born student of Erwin Piscator, and Julian
  Beck, an abstract expressionist painter of the New York School, THE
  LIVING THEATRE has staged nearly a hundred productions performed in
  eight languages in 28 countries on five continents - a unique body of
  work that has influenced theater the world over. Its new theater, at 21
  Clinton Street, is the company's first permanent home since the closing
  of its location on Third Street at Avenue C in 1993. For more
  information call (212) 792-8050, or visit Thanks to
  The Living Theatre, Todd Wiener & Joe Hunsberger (UCLA Film & Television
  Archive), and Brooke Allen. . . "1963 saw the controversial off-Broadway
  theater production THE BRIG by THE LIVING THEATRE. Filmed on stage with
  the original cast, rarely has there been a more intense cinematic
  adaptation of a play. Executed with brutish authenticity, THE BRIG won
  the Venice Festival Grand Prize for best documentary. A polemic drama
  with sonic shock waves, it is a nightmare that suggests 'Kafka with a
  Kodak.' The audience is placed in a violently claustrophobic
  environment, a Marine Corps stockade. Mekas puts aside his poetic
  sensibilities and ties us to a chair in the blistering sun with no
  water, no hope, and no mercy. This film is hard as nails." -MELBOURNE
  UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL. . Followed by: . Storm De Hirsch. NEWSREEL:
  JONAS IN THE BRIG. 1964, 5 minutes, 16mm. Preserved with support from
  The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Poet/Filmmaker Storm De
  Hirsch was on-hand to document Mekas as he threw himself into the
  filming of THE BRIG. This gorgeous new print was recently preserved by
  Anthology and we are happy to present it here for the first time. Keep
  an eye out for more De Hirsch preservations in the very near future.
  "Not only was [De Hirsch] able to capture a study of Mekas while he was
  filming, but also in the newsreel there is the tension and apprehension
  of the moment and even the panic of the possibility of not being able to
  finish the film." -Bob Lehman, TODAY'S FILM-MAKER

FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2007

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  See 7/13.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
9:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  Dir: Shirley Clarke. For series description, see notes for Thursday,
  July 12. . "Clarke's first feature, made after several avant-garde
  shorts and before her better-known THE COOL WORLD and PORTRAIT OF JASON.
  Based on Jack Gelber's play about a group of junkies hanging out in a
  New York loft waiting for their fix, THE CONNECTION is part Beat
  narrative, part interrogation of documentary form, part portrait of a
  subculture. Noted for Clarke's innovative camera-choreography, it was
  banned for its obscenity but won the Critic's Prize at Cannes." -Irina
  Leimbacher, SF CINEMATHEQUE. .


New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
5:00 & 9:15, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  Dir: Jonas Mekas. For series description, see notes for Thursday, July
  12. . Followed by: Storm De Hirsch. NEWSREEL: JONAS IN THE BRIG. 1964, 5
  minutes, 16mm. Preserved with support from The Andy Warhol Foundation
  for the Visual Arts. See notes for Thursday, July 12.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
5:30, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  S:TREAM:S:S:ECTION:S:ECTION:S:S:ECTIONED. 1968-70, 41 minutes, 16mm,
  color. Preserved by Anthology Film Archives with support from the
  National Film Preservation Foundation. "A conceptual lap dissolve from
  'water currents' to 'film strip currents'/Dedicated to my son
  Christopher." -P.S. "Yes, S:S:S:S:S:S is beautiful. The successive
  scratchings of the stream-image film is very powerful vandalism. The
  film is a very complete organism with all the possible levels really
  recognized." -Michael Snow. "A scratch is generally considered a
  negative factor, which distracts from and eliminates the illusion by
  cutting away at the emulsion base of the film itself. But in
  S:S:S:S:S:S, Sharits makes a scratch a positive factor in its additive
  and subtractive relationship to the recorded film illusion. And, at the
  same time, he uses the scratch to emphasize the linearity of the film
  material and its passage through the projector.." -Regina Cornwell,
  ARTFORUM. N:O:T:H:I:N:G . 1968, 36 minutes, 16mm. Preserved by Anthology
  Film Archives with support from the National Film Preservation
  Foundation. Based in part on the Tibetan Mandala of the Five Dhyani
  Buddhas/a journey toward the center of pure consciousness (Dharma-Dhatu
  Wisdom)/space and motion generated rather than illustrated/time-color. .
  "In essence there are only three flicker films of importance, ARNULF
  RAINER, THE FLICKER, and N:O:T:H:I:N:G… In terms of the subject we have
  discussed here, it is Sharits's N:O:T:H:I:N:G that opens the field for
  the structural film with a flicker base." -P. Adams Sitney.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  Dir: Shirley Clarke. See notes for Friday, July 13.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:30, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  EARLY ABSTRACTIONS (1941-57, 23 minutes, 16mm) Preserved by Anthology
  Film Archives with support from the National Film Preservation
  Foundation. MIRROR ANIMATIONS (extended 1979 version, 11 minutes, 16mm)
  BRAND NEW PRINT!. LATE SUPERIMPOSITIONS (1964, 28 minutes, 16mm). OZ,
  THE TIN WOODMAN'S DREAM (1967, 15 minutes, 35mm). "My cinematic excreta
  is of four varieties: - batiked animations made directly on film between
  1939 and 1946; optically printed non-objective studies composed around
  1950; semi-realistic animated collages made as part of my alchemical
  labors of 1957 to 1962; and chronologically super-imposed photographs of
  actualities formed since the latter year. All these works have been
  organized in specific patterns derived from the interlocking beats of
  the respiration, the heart and the EEG Alpha component and should be
  observed together in order, or not at all, for they are valuable works,
  works that will forever abide - they made me gray." -Harry Smith. To
  learn more about Harry Smith, visit the Harry Smith Archives at

San Francisco, California: Artists Television Access
8pm, 922 Valencia Street

  music by the eyeful presents a night of films by David Michalak and
  stories narrated by Dean Santomieri, with live music by Dean and
  violinist Angela Hsu. Special guest Bob Marsh will read the DADA poem
  "Seahorses and Flying Fish" by Hugo Ball with Man Ray's Return to Reason
  projected. --About the Artists -- David Michalak is celebrating over 35
  years of independent filmmaking as well as performing in his bands REEL
  CHANGE, Ghost in the House and the duo, Doctor Bob. This performance
  will feature The Spoken Word and other films that borrow their dialogue
  from phone messages, "How To", Instructional or other spoken word
  recordings. As Robert Taylor (Tribune) writes: "The Spoken Word" is an
  ingenious and often hilarious 22 minute satire of one family's addiction
  to the platitudes of canned advice. Mom is lip-synching ideas from "How
  To Give A Perfect Dinner Party." Dad is going through the agony of "How
  To Quit Smoking Without Will Power" while Bobby is in his room buried
  under punk rock albums, taping a confession from "The Drug Scene and
  Youth." In 20 years we may look back at "Shirley MacLaine's Inner
  Workout" with similar amusement." -- Dean
  Santomieri is a writer, musician and video-maker. His performances
  usually include narration, electro-acoustic music, and video. His video
  Twin, a send up of David Lynch's Twin Peaks, was screened in festivals
  around the world. Angela Hsu is an orchestral, chamber and freelance
  musician, who is now involved in avant-garde, experimental and
  improvisatory musics. Dean Santomieri will present stories and videos
  based on his dreams, with music by Dean and violinist Angela Hsu. -- Bob Marsh is a well seasoned
  improviser whose work has involved shaping sounds words images ideas. He
  currently leads or directs String Theory, a string ensemble focusing on
  textures and microtonics; the Che Guevarra Memorial Marching (and
  Stationary) Accordion Band, structured and free improv for six to
  fifteen accordions; Robot Martians, electronics and processed voice; the
  Out of the Blue Chamber Ensemble, a mixture of reeds and strings; Opera
  Viva, voiced physical theater; the Quintessentials, a quintet
  specializing in interpreting graphic compositions based on alterations
  to the Michelin Road Guide to France; and the Illuminated Orchestra,
  structured improves for large ensemble. -- About Music by the Eyeful
  ( This is the fourth in a
  spontaneous series of concerts featuring inventions in visual audio ,
  exploring the moving boundaries between music, film, optics, graphics,
  loops and reels, guest curated by Suki O'Kane, musician and curator of
  The Illuminated Corridor. -- About the Corridor --
  ( The Illuminated Corridor is a next step in
  outdoor cinema: a nomadic public art installation that creates
  site-specific illumination of public space, drawing on local traditions
  of film and live music. Launched in the Summer of 2005 by a
  collaboration of over 60 Bay Area filmmakers, media artists, sound
  artists and musicians, the Illuminated Corridor catalyzes new work,
  showcases diverse collaborations between performative projectionists and
  performing artists, and covers a vast territory of film and music

SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2007

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
5:00 & 9:15, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  Dir: Jonas Mekas. For series description, see notes for Thursday, July
  12. . Followed by: Storm De Hirsch. NEWSREEL: JONAS IN THE BRIG. 1964, 5
  minutes, 16mm. Preserved with support from The Andy Warhol Foundation
  for the Visual Arts. See notes for Thursday, July 12.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:00, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  Dir: Harry Smith. "NO. 12 can be seen as one moment - certainly the most
  elaborately crafted moment - of the single alchemical film which is
  Harry Smith's life work. In its seriousness, its austerity, it is one of
  the strangest and most fascinating landmarks in the history of cinema.
  "Its elaborately constructed soundtrack in which the sounds of various
  figures are systematically displaced onto other images reflects Smith's
  abiding concern with auditory effects." -P. Adams Sitney.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:30, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street)

  Dir: Jack Smith. Jack Smith "graced the anarchic liberation of new
  American cinema with a graphic and rhythmic power worthy of the best of
  formal cinema. He has attained for the first time in motion pictures a
  high level of art which is absolutely lacking in decorum; and a
  treatment of sex which makes us aware of the restraint of all previous
  filmmakers." -FILM CULTURE. . Also showing: Jack Smith. SCOTCH TAPE.
  1962, 3 minutes, 16mm, color, sound. Junkyard musical.

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