artafterscience news - July, 2007

From: Zev Robinson (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 05 2007 - 23:19:10 PDT

Hi everyone,

Here are a few quick reminders, plus a few new developments that's keeping artafterscience busy over the summer period and into the autumn.

Starting tomorrow, Caravaggio Dying, my video installation based on a poem by Edward Lucie-Smith,will be showing as part of the latter's photography exhibition at the Helsinki City Art Museum. Just across the bay, it will also part of the summer exhibition at The Museum of New Art, Parnu, Estonia.

Also in Helsinki, the video Tin Pot Dance will be part of The Family, a group show put on by La Sala Naranja in collaboration with Egle Oddo and Virva
Sointu, starting July 24 at the Galleria MAA-TILA. Several other exhibitions and events, large and small, in collaboration with La Sala Naranja are scheduled over the coming year.

Looking forward a bit, new artafterscience video and random installations are being developed, I've started working with choreographer Laura Caņete to produce a series of videos focusing on common, everyday movements, and which will be shown at Southeast Dance, UK, and other video dance festivals in the autumn. The first video, The Water Glass, can be seen at

More showings of La Noche Electoral, the video created in collaboration with Los Torreznos, are also slated for later this year, along with projects, exhibitions and events. More info at

Wishing everyone a most enjoyable summer.


Zev Robinson

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