Re: Olga Chambers, Hart on London

From: Brett Kashmere (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 05 2007 - 09:30:30 PDT

Well, without opening up the filing cabinet, my sense of Olga's contribution to "Hart of London" would be as first sounding board (i.e. "editorial consultant"), since the film was cut in the Chambers' home. She also appears in the film, and possibly even ran the camera at some points, such as during the scenes of Jack mowing the lawn. And, the footage of the sheep being slaughtered was shot in Spain, where Olga was from and where her and Jack met. I don't know the full story of the filming of that material, but I'm sure it's covered in one of the essays in Kathryn Elder's anthology, "The Films of Jack Chambers."

After Jack passed away Olga became the caretaker of his films, essentially becoming its distributor. From all accounts, she was extremely protective of Jack's work. Other Frameworks members may be able to provide more insight on this.

Josh's inquiry actually brings up an important issue in the world of experimental / "first person" cinema - that is, the often-overlooked collaboration of filmmakers' spouses. Based on personal experience, it's hard to imagine a more significant (though usually uncredited) creative relationship...

Brett Kashmere
Syracuse, NY

"J. Mabe" <email suppressed> wrote: Hi folks,

I've often wondered about this - the Filmmaker's Co-op
catalog lists Jack and Olga Chambers both as the
makers of "Hart of London" (and "R-34") but I don't
really see her name mentioned anywhere else in reviews
or listings. I'm sure this is covered in the Chambers
book (which I need to find and buy), but I was
wondering if someone could just give me a quick idea
of her level of involvement. I'd be greatly

Josh Mabe

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