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From: Carl E. Brown (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jul 04 2007 - 12:15:18 PDT

Dear Philippe,

I have worked with Mike on several occasions
Mike did the soundtrack on a B&W film I made called Cloister

the improvisational band Mike is a member of CCMC did the soundtrack for another of my films Condensation of Sensation

 Brett mentioned Brownsnow, a documentary of my interpretation of Mikes work, in this film which was shot during the Michael Snow Project in Toronto about 15 years ago ... you will find representation of most of Mike's disciplines and commentator's as well i.e. R. Bruce Elder, Jonas Mekas, Regina Cornwall all discussing there relationship to Mike and his work.

Carl Brown
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  Dear All,

  I would be grateful if you could tell me like Albert if you know of any films that Snow didn't make himself but which are about him or feature him or his works. We are interested even in those films where there is only "bits" of him like Mekas' "Birth of a Nation", for example.

  Other films with or about Snow that we know about so far:


  - "Glossolalie" by Erik Bullot

  - "Michel Neige" by Erik Bullot (forthcoming)
  - "Sur la Longueur d'onde de Michael Snow, Zoom Arrière" by Teri Wehn-Damisch

  - "Michael Snow", docu made for Arte by Frédéric Ramade and Jacinto Lageira

  - "Jonas at the Ocean" by Peter Sempel

  - "I will make no more boring Art" by William MacGillivray

  - "Snowscreen" by Robert Shoub


  Hope to hear from you,
  all the best,

  PS: Albert, muchas gracias por tu e-mail. confieso que todavia no he visto tu película. Voy a verla con mis amigos este finde en Lucca. 1 Saludo, Phil


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  Hola Philippe,

  soy Albert Alcoz, nos conocimos el otro día con Antoni Pinent. Era sólo para preguntarte qué te había parecido el super 8 con MIchael Snow de Forth and back and forth?

  Y para comentarte que Hollis Frampton hizo una peli llamada Snowblind también con Michael Snow.

  un saludo


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