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Date: Wed Jul 04 2007 - 09:48:30 PDT

Hi Phil!

> I would be grateful if you could tell me like Albert if you know of any
> films that Snow didn’t make himself but which are about him or feature him
> or his works. We are interested even in those films where there is only
> “bits” of him like Mekas’ “Birth of a Nation”, for example.

I just saw two nice films about SNOW:

Some informations:

- - -

Saariselkä and Ruissalo are video installations about snow, made of over
40,000 single images sent from webcams in
Northern Finland during a six-months recording period.
The Finnish Road Administration in Helsinki provides over 300 of these
"road weather cameras" to keep the population informed
about the actual road condition. In the very likely case that nothing else
happens on Lapland´s streets, it´s all about visualizing the
binary information "snow or no snow"; everything not following this
pragmatic aim has been removed (over 500 cars and trucks,
the summer, etc.). At the end of this pedantic cleaning process, the video
has become an "optical concentrate"; the sound is
customized to fill the space inside the camera housing/ inside the
viewer´s head.
As a visualisation process of a worldwide network technology, WEB LAND
cannot be located in Finland exclusively. The
entire webcam matrix is used to add more and more information on this
virtual, borderless land, wich increases it´s physical size
with every new image added. Other current video works from WEB LAND are
Fairbanks and Benson Boulevard (both Alaska;
recording finished in late 2006); a new series of prints comes from
Asahikawa campus (Japan)
DVD, 4:41 min. (looped)
V: Veit Landwehr
A: Florian Zwissler
Tracking software by Michael Nägler (
This project is based on an automatized download process. A written
permission by the Finnish Road Administration
( exists. Ask for Mr. Jorma Helin.
Veit Landwehr
c/o NTML Studios
Maybachstr. 96
50670 Köln
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Greetz from Hamburg,
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