Fwd: PRESS RELEASE: Sydney's A Night of Horror International Film Festival Announces Call For Entries

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 02 2007 - 19:10:37 PDT

just forwarding this - for Experimental filmmakers getting this,
there was some experimental animation included this year - jack

> Contact: Dr. Dean Bertram
> Tel: 0437 766 863
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> A Night of Horror International Film Festival Announces its Call
> for Entries.
> Sydney, Australia, July 2, 2007 A Night of Horror International
> Film Festival announces its official call for entries today.
> The inaugural festival, which was held at Sydney's Chauvel Cinema
> earlier this year, screened 47 short horror films, from filmmakers
> in 10 different countries. The next festival is scheduled for April
> 2-6, 2008, and is expanding to include feature films as well as
> shorts.
> "Everyone at the festival is incredibly excited that we are
> accepting feature films this year," explains festival director Lisa
> Mitchell. "Independently produced horror features, from Night of
> the Living Dead, through The Blair Witch Project, to Australia's
> own Wolf Creek, offer some of the most potent viewing experiences
> in the annals of cinema." Mitchell's co-director, Dr. Dean Bertram
> agrees: "Sydney, Australia needs an annual event that showcases the
> best horror films from Australia and the world. Feature films are
> obviously an important part of such an endeavour. However, the
> festival also remains strongly committed to shorts. The short film
> format allows emerging filmmakers to really cut their teeth on the
> genre, offering a creative freedom that is often compromised when
> financial concerns come into play."
> Films that are selected to screen at the festival will compete for
> several thousand dollars worth of cash and prizes (including the
> Kodak and Atlab sponsored "Best Australian Film Award", and
> Peoplemagazine's "Best Scream Queen" award.)
> More details about A Night of Horror International Film Festival
> are available at: www.anightofhorror.com

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