Short Film Compilations Available

From: Sheila Cadigan (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 28 2007 - 12:04:46 PDT

Hello all,

I wanted to let you know about some new programming resources available from
Independent Exposure that would be great exhibition material for festival
and microcinema venues.

We have just released five brand new compilations (see links below) that
have been screening at venues in San Francisco, Seattle and Houston to great
audience enthusiasm.

The films are edgy, interesting, buzzworthy, and many of them laugh-out-loud
funny. They will surely help you build a large and loyal following to your

Please take a look and drop me a line if you would like to see screeners of
any of these.

Warm regards,

Sheila Cadigan


Available 2007 Programs NEW!

Premiere Compilation Edition: Serious docs. Lush moving art. Comic relief,687

'Mind Over Matter' Edition: Perception vs reality.,688

Documentary Edition,690

Halloweird Edition (Great Show for a Halloween Party!),691

All Animation,689

Past Years Programs also Available for Screening,a

NOW IN ITS TWELFTH YEAR...Independent Exposure has gained an enviable
reputation as a branded, high-quality showcase for contemporary,
progressive, artistic and culturally relevant short films and video art.

BURIED TREASURE...Did you know that worldwide some 100,000 independent short
films are produced every year? With the explosion of increased access and
improved creativity in the moving image arts, it is becoming nearly
impossible for venues and festivals to preview all the new and brave
material to unearth the real gems.

QUALITY CURATION... Independent Exposure has done this work for you.
Microcinema International has screened thousands of works to cull through
and curate the best of them into traveling shorts programs you can use to
attract large and loyal new audiences.

AN ADVENTURE in and of itself, Independent Exposure has screened films from
over 1600 artists in hundreds of venues in 44 countries‹as well as
Antarctica and even at the Base Camp of Mt. Everest! The 2007/2008 season is
shaping up to be an exciting one full of very strong films and videos from
some of the most interesting and overlooked artists on the short film

SEVEN SEPARATE DVD COMPILATIONS...available for communal screening at
festivals, cafes, bars, art house theaters and other special events. Each of
these DVDs is between 60 and 90 minutes long.

Premiere Edition‹An Eclectic International Mix. A chronology of the Iraq war
as told through hand gestures (L. M. Sabo); Canadian spiders on crack
cocaine (Apeman); a lazy Irish farm dog has a crush on a cow (Ken Wardrup);
a film about a moose¹s¹ penis‹or something (Will Hartman); things to do at
parties where you don¹t know anyone (Lev Yilmez); and, the joys of
Œcow-tipping¹ (Stock ŒN Wolf.)

Mind Over Matter Edition: A French scientist invents a serum that turns
people into dogs and a cult arises (John Harden); a Muslim woman describes
how her veil makes her feel like a mysterious beauty while an Irishwoman
likes her makeup (Ken Wardrup); ŒHim¹ falls in love with ŒYou¹ but is
haunted by the ghosts of ex-girlfriends (Tom Stern).

All Animation Edition: energetic ruminations on sex, identity and social
confusion from Signe Baumane, Chel White, Federico Solmi, and Lev Yilmez. A
brand new generation of animation artists is growing up!

Halloweird. Ever popular annual edition! Throw the best Halloween party you
have ever been to with this assorted collection of weird, creepy, gross, odd
shorts from all over the world. An abandoned house yields up is painful
secrets (Mike Bragg); a woman eats herself (Kelly Pendergrast.)

Documentary Edition: Santeria‹ what happens when you cross Catholicism with
an Afro-Caribbean voodoo cult that performs ritual animal sacrifice (John
Kane); the mysterious, quirky working technique of pioneering animator John
McClaren ( Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre); a small child on a gang tormented
American street craves the security of a flak jacket ( May Lin Au Yong).

Mobile Exposure: ³Life in a Global Village.² Now in its third year, this is
the oldest touring collection of works that address mobile culture and/or
were created using mobile, handheld devices.
Hal Hartley¹s Best in Show: the pioneering director of feature length
independent films such as Fay Grim, Henry Fool, and The Girl from Monday is
our guest judge for 2007-2008. Hartley himself also makes many short films
that have been collected onto DVD anthologies. Hartley will select between
10-14 of his favorites from the compilations above.

For full program details about the 2007 Independent Exposure season as well
as many other past programs also available for screenings, go to:

Available Pricing:
1) One Screening: $50
2) Three Screenings: $125
3) Five Screenings: $200
4) FREE (or based on percentage of net proceeds) to qualifying screening
venues. Contact email suppressed for details.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.