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From: db (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 23 2007 - 10:37:34 PDT

I don't know Ernie Gusella's work but your description makes me think
of Phill Niblock's work.

EXTREME MAY 2003 CAT # XDVD001 [Multi-zone | Colour | NTSC 5.1 | 3:28:00
Phill writes: "In concert I frequently show films from a series that
I made over a 20 year span, generally titled "Looking at the Movement
of People Working". At ZKM and MAMCS. Some of these will form part of
a new DVD on the Australian record label, Extreme."

This is the content:

Film (side one): 1. Peru; 2. Mexico; 3. Mexico; 4. Mexico (total time
Music: 1. "Every Tune", Daniel Goode, clarinet (22:48); 2. "Summing
III", David Gibson, cello (32); 3. "Four Arthurs", Arthur Stidfole,
bassoon (22:28); 4. "E for Gibson", David Gibson, cello (20)

Film (side two): 5. Hong Kong; 6. Hungary (total time 2:02)
Music: 5. "Cello & Bassoon", David Gibson, cello and Arthur Stidfole,
bassoon (25:05); 6. "A Mix of Cello & Bassoon and Contrabassoon &
Contrabass" (25:05 minutes), Arthur Stidfole, bassoon and
contrabassoon and David Gibson, cello and contrabass; 7. "A Third
Trombone", Jon English, trombone (22 minutes); 8. "According to Guy,
version III", Guy Klucevsek, accordion (22:00); 9. "Not Untitled,
Knot Untied - Old", Relache Ensemble of Philadelphia (22:00)

I also remember seeing a piece that Steina did at ETC where violin
chords were used to create transitions between a single camera's view
of the four seasons, but that was video. You might want to check out
ETC's history project for other work of this type:

DJ Spooky was performing a "re-version" of Birth of a Nation a couple
years back, though I wouldn't call it visionary. You can find
extracts from the film and the score here:

This one doesn't exactly fit your criteria as it is filmmakers
collaborating with a musician, but the performance I saw of Gibson/
Recoder/Menche was superb.


On Jun 22, 2007, at 3:02 PM, gyoungblood wrote:

> Frameworkers,
> Can anyone recommend an artist who makes videos and also composes
> and plays music that is in, or over, the image track. Someone
> gifted in both art forms -- a visionary image-maker and unique
> composer/musician. I'm not talking about(and do not want) music
> videos. I prefer that he/she be known primarily as a moving image
> artist who happens also to be a composer/musician. Nor am I talking
> about live "performance video." I want so-called single-channel
> post-produced videotapes, with music that is not banal pop.
> This is for a project about Ernie Gusella. If you know his work,
> then you know what I'm talking about. I want to compare him to
> other artists who make both image and music.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.