Re: vampires in avantgarde cinema?

From: Marcos Ortega (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 21:44:22 PDT

Quoting Francisco Torres <email suppressed>:

> Also
> remember some weird eyeless dead galleon 70s movies from Spain. Weird.
> Maybe not by Franco himslf.

I think you're referring to Amando de Ossorio's films "La noche del
terror ciego" ("Night of the blond dead") and its sequels "El ataque
de los muertos sin ojos" , "El buque maldito" and "La noche de las
gaviotas". There are DVD editions for all of them.

> Also a "kids as monsters" subgenre in Spain
> in the 70s. Wonder if there are availble in DVD... Interesting how
> what was once thought of as lumpen cinema has become respectable
> thirty years on.

Well, I wouldn't say respectable... :) But it's true that time changes
your pov.



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