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From: matt mc (lists) (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 12 2007 - 22:35:49 PDT

howdy frameworkers,

I am very excited to announce that the wonderfully awesome Marriage
Records Label is releasing a collection of my music and sound
recordings this week. The release is called Very Stereo, and is
available on CD and 12" vinyl LP (a beautiful, 45rpm double set with
full color photo gatefold jacket, released in limited edition!)

Very Stereo is a collection of songs, soundscapes, and recordings that
I have made over the past few years, most of which were made in-tandem
with a film project and only intended to be abstract soundtracks. It
is my hope that they can stand on their own as well, and I'd like to
suggest trying them with head phones (just to see how stereo I am
talking about).

the track list is:

01 oh, sunshine
02 elevator musac (from the movie 'tales from the vertical city' by
morgan currie)
03 the electric can opener (from the movie of the same name by rob tyler)
04 it was a crushing defeat (from the movie of the same name)
05 for homesick memories
06 blue remains grey (from the movie 'the subconscious art of graffiti removal')
07 refrigerator dance musics
08 tugboat musac (from the movie 'towlines')
09 ride a wave to tomorrow's sunset (from the video installation of
the same name)

you can hear selections from the collection at and find info about purchasing it at

IN OTHER NEWS: there is new work available for viewing up on my
website including two recent music videos made for The Shins and
YACHT, and the blog rolls on and on (check out the May 2007 archive
for reports from the Center for Land Use Interpretation's Wendover
Residency program which I was fortunate to recently attend).

Marriage Records:
the 'offical' Matt Mc page:
ye ol' blog:


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