Re: Re-Voir Zanzibar Question

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 12 2007 - 14:14:00 PDT

Jackie Raynal has made 16mm reduction prints of
Deux Fois, and this film is available for rent in
35mm and 16mm from the Collectif Jeune Cinéma in
Paris. None of the other films are available in
16mm. The filmmakers were lucky enough to be
financed by Sylvina Boissonas as part of the 1968
uprisings to shoot in 35mm; but there was no
money later to make 16mm reductions... Of course
we have Digibetas and HDCamSR masters of most of
them but try and dissuade screenings on video.
May I ask who was selling a 16mm print of Deux
Fois? Hard to imagine where that would come from.

At 8:48 -0700 12/06/07, Jeremy Rossen wrote:
>Are these only available as 35mm prints? The
>organization I work with, Cinema Project,
>primarily works with 16mm and when we have 35mm
>programs we have to screen at another venue that
>has 35mm. 16mm seems much more common to the
>States and 35mm appears to be more standard in
>Europe for micro-cinema's. FYI, I recently
>bought a 16mm print of Deux Fois on Ebay for $5,
>so I thought there were possibly 16mm prints as
> > Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 02:56:01 +0200
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>> Subject: Zanzibar
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>> >1. I am looking for information on renting prints of the Zanzibar
>> >films, where can I find them?
>> >
>> >
>> We have the 35mm prints of the Zanzibar films at Re:Voir in Paris.
>> Jackie Raynal and Joe Saleh struck new 35mm prints of most of them
>> and we are publishing and distributing them.
>> Write to info @ re-voir . com
>> - Philippe Garrel: LE LIT DE LA VIERGE (1971, 35mm cinemascope, 114 minutes)
>> - Daniel Pommereul: VITE (1969, 35mm 37 minutes)
>> - Serge Bard: FUN AND GAMES FOR EVERYONE 1968, (35mm 53 minutes)
>> - Serge Bard: ICI ET MAINTENANT (1968, 35mm 90 minutes)
>> - Serge Bard: DETRUISEZ-VOUS (1968, 35mm on beta, 75 mintes)
>> - Patrick Deval: ACEPHALE (1969, 35mm, 65 minutes)
>> - Jackie Raynal: DEUX FOIS (1969, 35mm, 70 minutes) - (this one is
>> available from Collectif Jeune Cinema
>> -Pip Chodorov, Re:Voir
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