Robert Nelson films available again at Canyon Cinema

From: Mark Toscano (email suppressed)
Date: Wed May 30 2007 - 22:14:56 PDT

Howdy folks Ė

Hope folks don't mind the pitch, but I just wanted to
pass on the good news that Robert Nelson has fully
consented to letting his films be returned to regular
distribution, at Canyon Cinema, which he co-founded as
a distributor back in 1966. Although the prints are
still in the process of being added to Canyon, I think
they should be ready to take bookings by next week (as
soon as I get them the descriptions and whatnot).
Nelsonís share of the money earned from rentals will
go entirely to maintain the prints and make more of
his films available.

Canyon is at
These are the films that will be available from them,
at least for now:

Plastic Haircut (1963)
Oh Dem Watermelons (1965)
Confessions of a Black Mother-Succuba (1965)
The Off-Handed Jape (1967)
Hot Leatherette (1967)
The Awful Backlash (1967)
War is Hell (1968)
Bleu Shut (1970)
Deep Westurn (1974)
Hamlet Act (1982)
Limitations (1988)

Unfortunately, the following films will still have
only limited availability directly from me, with new
prints eventually going to Canyon when enough money is
raised to pay for them:
The Great Blondino (1967) (this one is the top
priority for getting a new print made, hopefully it
won't take too long)
King David (1970/2003)
More (1971/1998)
Worldly Woman (1973)
Special Warning (1974/1998)
Rest in Pieces (1976/2003)
Curious Native Customs (1985)
Hauling Toto Big (1997)


Since Iím still going to be the caretaker of the
films, if you have any questions about Nelson, his
films, or more specific queries about renting or
buying prints, feel free to email me anytime.


Mark Toscano

p.s. on a personal note, i hope people now take the
opportunity to see Hamlet Act, ignored for many years,
but really a brilliant work, and one of his best I

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