LE GRICE, RABAN, SHERWIN / Brussels / June 15-16-17

From: Xavier Garcia Bardon (email suppressed)
Date: Wed May 30 2007 - 09:42:59 PDT

*June 15-16-17, 2007 / 20:00*

*Palais des Beaux-Arts / Centre for Fine Arts *

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The 1960s and 1970s were groundbreaking decades in which independent
filmmakers challenged cinematic convention. The London Film Makers'
Co-operative was established in 1966 to support work on the margins of art
and cinema.

Malcolm Le Grice, Guy Sherwin, and William Raban were among the founders of
the movement that developed around the London Film makers' Co-operative.
Taking a visual-arts approach to film, they proposed new forms of cinema,
producing works marked by formal rigour and great delicacy of technique.
Instead of the traditional cinema presentation, they combined several
projectors, made use of unusual surfaces in place of screens, and
incorporated elements of live performance in their work - making each
screening a unique experience that required the presence of the director.

Recently rediscovered in the context of various festivals (IFFR Rotterdam,
Kill Your Timid Notion festival Dundee, European Media Art Festival
Osnabrück, Light Cone screenings in Paris), this work has maintained its
visual impact and is now seen as pioneering; it is attracting considerable
attention at a time when the links between cinema and the visual arts are
becoming ever closer.

15.06 / Guy Sherwin

16.06 / Malcolm Le Grice

17.06 / William Raban

INFO: http://www.bozar.be/activity.php?id=7404&lng=en

Palais des Beaux-Arts
Rue Ravenstein 23

1000 Bruxelles

02 507 82 00


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*June 13-14, 2007 / Shoot Shoot Shoot*

*Film Museum (bis)*

Shoot Shoot Shoot is a touring programme of key British experimental films
from the 60s and 70s curated by Mark Webber (including films by Malcolm Le
Grice, Stephen Dwoskin, Lis Rhodes, John Smith, Chris Welsby...). Launched
at Tate Modern in last November these programmes provide the ideal framework
for the screenings and performances of the next three days. These two
screenings will be introduced by Mark Webber (13th) and Malcolm Le Grice

INFO: http://www.bozar.be/activity.php?id=7405&lng=en

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