Re: should I stop distributing this film?

From: Brook Hinton (email suppressed)
Date: Thu May 24 2007 - 21:16:16 PDT

It's an h.264 quicktime. Without the latest quicktime and a fast connection
you won't see it. The price one pays for the vastly superior quality of
h.264 for online video (over mpeg4, cinepak, flash, etc.).

Charles, I would say what matters is how YOU feel about the film. Why
withdraw it? It can take a long time for a maker, let alone a single film,
and an audience to find each other, especially out here in the fringes. Keep
it online, keep making films, keep sending this one out when the
opportunities arise. The only reason I can see to "withdraw" a film is if
you as an artist no longer want to be associated with it (full disclosure: I
have done so, more than once).


On 5/24/07, Matt Helme <email suppressed> wrote:
> I had trouble veiwing the film.
> Matt
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